A new season, a new reason for the garden club

Blackbirds and Eternal Flowers are just two reasons to attend the new Club Meeting at the Winter Garden Club. In the Inverness, a delightful program is presented to members every month at the Whispering Parks Park.

Other programs for the 2021-2022 program include the Bird and the Florida Indigenous Plant Association, as well as a field trip to Dunnell and other attractions, including roses, butterflies, and air. Plants, bees, eggs and regular gardens.

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Club meetings begin at 9:00 am when members meet with friends and review items on the loading table. The members mourn the delicious food brought by the volunteers and the business meeting will begin at 9:30 with the current president of our club, Sandra Hum. The 2020-2021 season began in

75 members from all walks of life from Citrus County, all attracted to the warmth and activity of club life.

The citrus garden club offers something for everyone! On Arbor Day, a tree was planted in the Zigzag Haven Bird Temple. And at each meeting, coins are collected as part of the Wood Forest Conservation and Rehabilitation Project. Leading gardeners, such as Jerry Luboyki and Libi Jordan, will share their knowledge of grass and land conservation and local vegetation at each meeting.

For those interested in floral design, two members present their arrangements and a friendly review will be conducted by award-winning florist designer Vicky Ross.

During each meeting, members are asked to contribute to a variety of causes in our community, often to assist veterans in our community. Nancy and Bill Kinley have a regular program to meet with residents of Addis Admas Seniors’ House where members of the club can participate. There are also workshops where members can do a variety of crafts. The club participates in various programs to introduce young people to our natural environment.

It’s a new season with many reasons to join the Citrus Garden Club! Meetings are open to all who are interested. Club meetings begin in September and run from the first Thursday of each month until May, at 9 a.m. at Whisperly Pines Park, 1700 Forest Drive, Inverness. The annual membership fee is $ 23. For more information, contact Sandra Humen at 352-560-7205 or Terry Jolly at 352-270-1211.

Liz Mለርller advertises for Citrus Garden Club. Contact her at 352-527-4216. righter0591@gmail.com.


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