A ray of hope is needed before the day ends

In a statement over the weekend, Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged the difficult times we face but urged Australians to keep it up before dawn and expecting dawn.

In addition to these words of encouragement, the Prime Minister and those who need financial support to go through the dark days of the Australian epidemic.

When it started, this took the form of JobSeeker and JobKeeper payments. Now that cities, towns, and regions are locked up, those affected are eligible for a more strictly targeted COVID-19 emergency payment for those with restricted income, and for emergency stays or isolation outbreaks.

Since the onset of the epidemic, the Australian Government has identified additional assistance that has had a significant impact on the economy through the $ 1 billion Covide-19 Relief and Recovery Fund, including tourism, aviation and the arts.

However, despite the disruption caused by COVID-19 and especially the recent locks, there is still no support for fruits and vegetables.

True, some businesses in Sydney and Melbourne that have been severely damaged do not operate in these cities or even in those states.

With the closure of restaurants in the country’s two largest cities, the productivity of top gardeners, including Queensland strawberry growers, will be high.

As a result, weak demand has already seen strawberry prices lower in production in supermarkets. This is despite the fact that many farmers are backing up early this year to agree with the low labor demand.

For many farmers, just as they are locked up in the cities, the dawn promise promised by the Prime Minister is yet to be fulfilled.

In June, Grecom, along with other members of the Queensland Garden Council, called on Minister of Agriculture David Littleprodd to pay special attention to the fruit and vegetable industry.

At this time, we believe that gardening is being heard among the Australian Government’s claims.

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