A remote village converts degraded land into Uchland to become a tea garden | Dehradun News – Indian Times


Pitoragarh is located in the Nile, a village in the Paku region, far from Berinag in the Pitoragar district, and is now known for its tea production. Organic tea from this small village, from the United Kingdom to Dubai, is now sold everywhere.
It all started in 2011 when Vinod Carki, a progressive farmer, started planting tea seedlings on the desert. More than 30 farmers have now joined the program, and more than 600 hectares (12 hectares) of land is under tea development in the area. In addition, 18 workers, including eight women, work in these tea gardens.
I had 400 acres[8 ha]of unused land. A.D. In 2010, I entered into an agreement with Uttarakhand Tea Board, which stated that it would grow into a tea garden and that tea leaves would be grown here over the next seven years.
A.D. In 2018, seven years later, the Board restored the Tea Garden. “In 2018, we visited the Indian Tea Board at their Kolkata office. With their help, the local farmers set up the Parvati Chai Utpadan Swayat Sahakari Samiti, and the Board granted us a tea processing license. Then we started the Tea Cooperative Unit, ”said Carki.
This year, the cooperative produced 8,000 kilograms of tea. The tea produced in the region is organic and has a unique taste and aroma. According to Karki, it is available in three categories – black orthodox, green orthodox and small leaves.
The Tea Department is helping displaced people return to their roots. Rajan Ram, who returned to the village from Davy during the covide-lock, decided to stay in the Tea Room after being hired. There is so much to do in our village, another big metro city to make a living.



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