A two-bedroom apartment in the garden comes to a narrow basement

The ,000 800,000 አፓርታማ apartment in Clarewellwell, London, comes with a door leading to the basement, built in the 1930s, making it the perfect space for a home office.

The apartment is on sale at Special Estate Property Services

The two-bedroom apartment on the London market comes with its own incredible underground warehouse – through a small and unbelievable door in the garden.

The special property is located on the Rocky Avenue in Cranewell and is under development at the Art Deco “Lab Building” for £ 800,000.

It boasts high ceilings, bright rooms and a balcony roof – but behind the narrow lilac door in the garden may be the best selling feature.

Stairs lead to a large 1,610-square-foot warehouse underground, featuring explosion-proof doors, heating, lighting and ventilation systems, which can easily be converted into useful space.

A door in the garden hides the stairs leading to the warehouse

Arrived at non-explosive doors

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The property was part of the “New River Head” development, built between 1966 and 1988, and was once the headquarters of the Metropolitan Water Board.

It was converted into an apartment in the 1990s, but the building retained many of its original features, including a one-story basement.

It is offered for sale at a state-of-the-art property in what is described as a “wonderful place” to fit everything the buyer wants.

The property was built between 1936 and 1938

The statement read: “This apartment offers the occupant an open living room with a unique living space, built-in appliances and two bedrooms with good storage and a terrace terrace with a higher ceiling than standard apartments. .

“There is a special underground pool with a large, fully renovated space that can be used as an office or music room, gym or easy storage. Amazing place.

“The laboratory building still has the 1930s style of the main corridors, a large, beautifully decorated common rose garden and day console.

“The warehouse has air conditioning and heating systems, as well as lights in different rooms (basement, walls and ceiling) with separate switches for different rooms. Completely private and exclusive use.

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