A volunteer group was formed to improve and protect the Presativity Corps

A volunteer group has been set up to oversee the protection and renovation of Cornish Gardens in Prestatin.

‘Friends of the Protestant Coronation Paradise’ was created during a panel discussion at the Protestant Pop in Center on Thursday, November 25, during which residents were invited to share ideas on how to improve their gardens.

Out of the 140 responses received, some of the most popular were flower beds and planted trees, bird boxes and parks improvements, shelters and seating.

The group elected its chairman, Gil German, and its secretary, Eddie Roberts.

Sherry Edwards, a former member of the Presbyterian City Council and secretary of the Friends of the Presbyterian Railway station, has helped guide the campaign so far and is pleased that such a group has been formed to help the gardens.

“We are encouraged by the amount of support we have given to this project and it was especially gratifying to have new chairman Gil German and writer Eddie Roberts at our meeting on Thursday night,” she said.

“We (Friends of the Presbyterian Railway Station) are taking care of five locations at the station, and realizing the need for work in the Coronation Gardens, we decided to introduce a new group of volunteers with the ability to focus on their gardens.

“More than 25 residents have expressed interest in joining the group, which is good news and a great hope for the future.

“Of course, there is a lot that the new committee needs to do together to address the needs of the residents.

The gardens are part of the pedestrian access to the city from the senior retiree and the existing sidewalk is well maintained and should be very difficult for people with mobility problems to move.

Eddie Eddie, author of the new team, said that the flower beds in the park, especially before the annual Wales competition, are important factors to consider when considering flower arrangements and community spirit.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 20, at Pop In 6 15 15 p.m.

Eddie adds: “I thought someone was watching. The only thing that is happening right now is that people are going there and building garbage dumps (Sunday morning), and it doesn’t look like anyone else is doing anything.

“Every Friday or Saturday night there is a shelter that is being demolished, and I thought someone might hear us if we were worried.

We were thinking about flower beds – I think this would be the most important thing, to fix it and put the flower beds and create for the Blues in the Blue Race.

“The next meeting needs to be more transparent. There are many suggestions to be discarded or added.

“The committee is bringing us together, after which we will look at funding. There is much to talk about.

We talked about it (financial support) at the last meeting and it looks great. In the spring, hope (some growth in gardens).

In addition to the garden, there are bowling alley, shelters and playgrounds in the Cornish Garden.

It was built in 1911 to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and George V., which leads directly to the train station and to the city center.

“Thanks to Sherry for starting this and for her efforts to make the new team a reality,” added Gil. Friends of the Presbyterian train station promised full support. We are proud to be a ‘sister organization.’

“Also present at the meeting was Tom Baram, CEO of the Denbigshire Volunteer Council.

“These consultations will be a priority for the development of flower beds, upgrading of seating areas and redevelopment of playgrounds,” he said.

“We look forward to working with this team to improve the quality of this community space for the benefit of all of us, young and old.”

Outside the home has been shown to bring many health benefits and we need such important community spaces more than ever after the locks on forced outbreaks.

“Coronation Gardens was a precious place for me as a child growing up on the Marine Corps and then playing regularly with many local families with my own children.”

You can contact Eddieroberts@talktalk.net by email for more details.

A new Facebook group has been set up for the Prestatin Coronation Paradise Friends. For more information on joining the committee or volunteering, visit www.facebook.com/groups/234334508805378.

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