A woman in Bihar Gopalgan brings home a mushroom farm

A woman in Bihar Gopalganj entered a mushroom farm and encouraged local women to follow. Fifty-year-old Reka Kumari grows three varieties of mushrooms on her farm and trains other women.

“We have information that Reka Kumari has trained more than 500 people, especially women. At her initiative, at least 50 people were engaged in mushroom farming. ”

Kumari, a resident of Hatuwa in Gopalganj district, started with justice In 2013, he learned the differences between the 1,000 and the Caspian from Rajandra Pradas Central Agricultural University usa sa and grows oyster, oyster and dairy mushrooms in six rooms (1,500 square feet). Today, she says, she earns a living among them 3-4 million.

In the first two stages of the epidemic, the income was declining, but it has not fallen below the five figure, ”said Samstir, who has been training in seed production.

In addition to seed production, she is also focusing on three other mushroom varieties: Hersium, Shitake, and Paddy Straw. “Mushrooms need a lot of humidity control, judgment, calculation and monitoring, ventilation and refining to get good results. It’s all about discipline and it doesn’t involve hard work, ”said Kumari, an economics graduate from JP University.

To extend the shelf life of her product, Kumar learned to work with samosas, squash, squash, biscuits, jam and mushrooms.

Aviash Prasd, a mother of two daughters and a son of Kumari, encouraged her children to grow mushrooms after growing up.

Meanwhile, many women have been trained by Kumari. “We encourage the company to register and provide regular training,” said Nizas Ahmed, deputy director of Gopalgang.

“After taking some basic advice, we started developing in January this year,” said Chada Davy, a resident of Hazrat Pur, who trained with Kumari.

Authorities put the number of farmers engaged in mushroom farming in Gopalganj woreda alone between 80 and 90. “Oyster mushroom production alone is around 320 quintals a year,” said Nias Ahmed, assistant director of horticulture.

“In our efforts to promote such farming to farmers, we are doing everything we can to ensure that Reka Kumari is involved, including contacting the bank and contacting NABARD. We will help her develop a project to differentiate these products into commercial scales, ”said the district judge.


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