ABAC expects 4000-plus students

Tiffon – Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, which marks the second straight harvest season, is expected to open in August 10 when more than 4,000 students are ready to go to class. Press release.

For ABC President David Bridges, college life is over.

“We want to make this harvest semester as close as possible,” said Bridges, who is approaching the 16th fall semester to become record president of ABC. “In the epidemic, last year was not uncommon.

“Our priority this year is for ABAC students to receive a physical education in a safe environment. The virus is still with us and we need to take the necessary precautions.

A year ago, ABAC students took a mix of online courses and physical education. During the 2021 spring semester, students will take in-person classes with some online courses.

“I want students who live on campus, go to club meetings, play sports, and eat in the dining hall,” Bridges said. “Give our students the overall college experience they deserve.

“ABC is always known for its friendly atmosphere and quality education that prepares students for life. Even when the plague broke out, we did not give up.

Resident Director Dr. Chris Kinsey is expecting 1,320 students on campus at ABAC Place and ABAC Lakeside this fall. In apartment-type housing, they occupy every living space in the yard. ABAC housing staff are receiving calls from students seeking accommodation.

If the trend continues, women will outnumber men at the start of the harvest season.

The enrollment rate for women in ABAC has reached 3,990 students, with 2,371 females outnumbering 1,919 males and 59.4% higher in the 2007 harvest season, according to college officials.

Most ABAC students enroll in four-year degree programs this fall. The 2,353 2020 students enrolled in one of the 12 undergraduate programs at ABAC are currently engaged in Agricultural Trade, Nursing, Agriculture, History and Government, Agricultural Relations, Biology, Agricultural Education, Literature and Communication, Local Gardening, Trade, Natural Resource Management , And rural community development.

“A bachelor’s degree is the lifeblood of this campus,” Bridges said. “ABC has only offered two-year degrees for 75 years, and we still have some outstanding students looking for a bachelor’s degree, especially in nursing. But Abakak’s future is in the hands of students who have been with us for four years or more.

Unlike last year when the program was strengthened due to the epidemic, ABAC’s 2021 fall program includes a October break for students from October 21-22. Classes end November 19, and end November 24. The start of the harvest season is scheduled for December 2.

Students who do not graduate after graduation will not return to campus until January 12, 2022, until the start of spring.

Bridges, the longest-serving president in ABAC history and one of the 26 longest-running colleges and universities in the current University of Georgia system, are worried about the start of the harvest season.

“There is nothing more exciting than the first day of autumn,” Bridges said. Our daily goal is to prepare these students for life. We want every ABAC student to receive quality education at an affordable price. I’m ready to start. ”


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