“Absolutely spoiled” – Day services have been canceled for more than 80 adults with learning disabilities

More than 80 adults with learning disabilities have been “affected” by the closure of their daily services.

Mobility Victoria Horticulture, Stones and Next Steps 2 closes day care centers in Bournemouth and Poole.

Alice Miller, whose daughter was a gardener at Livbiti Victoria in P., said, “My son and a friend go there and learn all kinds of skills, such as gardening, painting, and card making. Sell ​​hanging baskets and plant more plants.

They were closed on March 23, 2020, and since then we have had no calls or letters from them, and many disturbing voices have been raised by adults and their guardians. We tried to contact them, but we did not hear anything.

In June of this year, they sent out blankets to anyone who said they would close.

In a letter to parents and guardians, he stated that daytime services would not be opened due to “financial constraints.” The charity said it would have “greater responsibility” to manage finances after the VV-19 epidemic, giving priority to both their nursing homes, the Marriott Marion House and the Living Tile.

Alice, who has been studying gardening in Victoria for eight years, says: “This is who they are. This is where they go to socialize with their friends.

“The excuse was not financial. Excuse me, but they are charities, they should not make a profit. They are there to help needy families

I’m so sorry. In one letter, their entire identity was erased. ”

Two jobs were damaged in Stepping Stones and Victorian horticulture, but workers were given alternative roles.

“After careful consideration, Liability has made a difficult decision to close our day-to-day services in Bournemouth. The epidemic has shut down all services and will not reopen due to financial constraints.

“We are currently in contact with local families and other relevant stakeholders. We are working closely with the BCP Council to ensure the best quality of the people we support

. ”

The BCP Council is working with victims and urges people to contact their social worker for further advice.

People who do not have a named social care worker should call the council’s adult social media center on 01202 123654.

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