According to News12 The Bronx Blog, Green Bronx Machine Stephen Rite returns to school and weighs in

Newswise – Bronx, New York, September 8, 2021 – As New York City Public Schools prepares to receive students next week, Green Bronx machine founder, urban farmer and educator Stephen Rit has recently published an article in New 12 on the topic of returning to class in these unusual classes. website.

In Ritz’s “View from the Teacher’s Desk” section, Ritz called on our schools to “reconsider”. Instead, a new agreement “to grow only for the sake of survival” and US Congressman Jamal Bowman’s Green Agreement as a roadmap for “public schools, better communities, better infrastructure and better opportunities.”

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About the Green Bronx Machine

A.D. Founded in 2011 by Stephen Rits, winner of the International Teaching Award and a lifelong educator, Green Bronx Machine (GBM) is an organization that aims to influence 501 (c) (3). GBM builds healthy, equitable and strong communities through inspirational education, local food systems and 21st century human resource development. Dedicated to brainstorming and building hope, the school-based model and appropriateness curriculum uses urban agriculture aligned with key school performance indicators to promote healthy students and healthy schools. At the same time, GBM also transforms once fragmented and marginalized communities into local and affluent neighbors. Visit for more information.

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