According to the Garden Centers in Hampshire, the dams will jeopardize the operation

Vegetation Center Watering, Image from HTA

The Horticulture Traders Association has responded to Portsmaz water consultations to consider the special needs of the sector in its plan to deal with drought.

The water company recently consulted on the drought plans, which include restrictions on watering foreign businesses in commercial areas and watering newly purchased plants.

However, HTA says such restrictions are endangering their industry – and they are calling for it to be lifted.

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“We know that the southeast of England is an area of ​​high water pressure,” said Martin Emmet from HTA.

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However, the ability of our members to water plants and trees will be completely eliminated. We want to partner with Portsmouth Water to make ornamental gardening businesses free of major water constraints, but with their support to make it easier for them to develop water infrastructure such as reservoirs.

The Portsmouth area, which covers Hampshire and West Sussex, is home to 14 HT breeders with an estimated annual turnover of more than ሚሊዮን 14 million.

HTAA estimates that there are some vegetable chain retail centers in the same basin that employ hundreds of people and generate an estimated annual revenue of more than $ 1.8 billion.

Bob Taylor, CEO of Portsmouth Water, said:

The last thing we want to do is destroy these businesses. We look forward to working with HT to increase the knowledge of their members’ water efficiency and to help their members access the water they need for irrigation through local storage tanks, water recycling and water-efficient irrigation systems.

” Doing this will make HTA members more cost-effective in the long run, be environmentally friendly, eliminate unnecessary use of high-quality drinking water for irrigation development, and eliminate any future restrictions on the use of drinking water.

The Portsmouth Water Draft Drought Consultation Consultation is now closed and the company said it is reviewing the response before publishing the statement in September.

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