Action Plan – Nigel Colbor’s essential works for your garden this week

Action Plan – Nigel Colbor’s essential works for your garden this week

  • Nigel Colbor says there is enough time to sow seeds for lettuce leaves
  • The fast-growing leafy vegetables include rocket, spinach, pacci and radish
  • An English-based horticulturist says that if planted in the ground, prepare a bed of damaged seeds

Still time for leaf greens

Days may be shortened, but September may feel like a second spring. Now that the leaves have been sown from the fords, there is plenty of time to produce delicious fresh lettuce leaves.

Fast-growing leafy greens include rocket, spinach, pack-choy, radish, and even soft-leaf bristles.

The outdoor temperature is still warm, so you can sow half hard ground seeds or even fragrant basil seeds.

If you are planting in the ground, make a good seed bed. Let the soil drink in dry weather. Use good quality pea-free compost fertilizer for containers. This is the time of spring sowing of cabbage. If it grows from seed, this should be sown before mid-August. But if you sow your seed on the weekends, there is still time. Planting in a greenhouse can quickly produce baby plants.

Gardener Nigel Colbor says there is enough time to sow seeds for lettuce leaves

Young cabbage plants should be ready in four to six weeks after sowing. You can also buy spring cabbage from good kindergartens and garden centers. They are more expensive than seeds, but planting makes them more seasonal.

For all the seeds sown in the fall, sun-shelled areas are best. With the exception of colder climates, there will be no snow before October. But if you have vulnerable seedlings, holding some vegetable wool in your hand can save them overnight damage.

Respect the sun

Thanks to the warm weather, I harvested grapes every autumn. My vines were trained on the south wall, but the summer growth darkened the fruit. To fix that, I remove the newly grown stems and leaves. To cut off the vines, I cut down the thin stems. On tall and slender shoots, I pick as many leaves as needed. Naked trunks can be cut off during the winter when the juice does not rise.

Friendship Legal Explosion

Harvest brings mushrooms, toys and fairy tales. Those who are afraid of the honey fungus may be concerned about those serious diseases that can affect shrubs and trees. But bottlenecks under grass or under trees are usually harmless. Myth rings or mushroom growths are the fruit of a large underground fungal community that indicates the health of your backyard soil. Soil fungi are essential for plants, allowing them to absorb the minerals they need.

Nigel is one of the best shrubs to grow in late September

Nigel is one of the best shrubs to grow in late September

Plants of the Week – Cyanos

Shrubs that grow in September are expensive. One of the best is the late-flowering Seanotus, especially the spring blue variety. Also known as California lilac, the shrub grows up to 3 feet[3 m]tall. Foggy blue flowers appear from late summer to late autumn. Shiny evergreen leaves provide a beautiful backdrop for those. Although strong, this shrub grows best on a sunny wall or shelter. Circumcision may be frustrating. So avoid that, except for cutting used flowers.


My neighbor says I have wood in my rough grass and it is illegal. I know it’s poison, but is it illegal for it to grow? Bees and butterflies love it. There are also black and yellow caterpillars feeding on it.

J. Holdsworth, by email.

Landowners are required to control livestock only if it is 50 meters or less from grazing land. This rule makes sense for horses that are highly toxic and vulnerable to grazing animals. Ragort, although toxic, is useful for wildlife and pollen. The caterpillars are beautiful red and black Sinabar moth larvae. They contain plant toxins that protect them from plants. Black-yellow bands are a warning to hunters.



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