Acupuncture for beginners education is now available online

The Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service is now offering an online program called “Aqupanics for Beginners.”

Joe Masabasni, PhD, Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service Vegetarian, Dallas, small-scale apparatus system. (Photo by Texas A & M. Agrillif)

The program can be found at It costs $ 15. Once registered, participants can access the program for 180 days.

The online course is the first of its kind to introduce homeowners, self-employed hobbyists or future business operators to the world of water bodies, said Joe Masabney, PhD, Agrillif Extension Gardener, Dallas. Additional courses under construction cover medium and advanced acupuncture techniques for expanding systems and businesses.

Acupuncture for beginners curriculum

Aquaponics introduces course beginners to:

  • The general concept of aquaponics.
  • Different types of acupuncture systems.
  • What you need to get started.
  • They can grow.

“This course gives people an idea of ​​how many fish and plants can grow and what it will take to achieve certain levels of success in the system of their choice,” said Masabni. . We are here to encourage and educate part-time manufacturers, but we want to provide accurate information on the realities of acupuncture production, which we expect and how to avoid serious issues.

According to Masabni, AgriLe Extension agents will receive a 50% discount on access to the program as an incentive for further education by the end of June.

For more information on the series, please contact me at Masabni is inviting gardening groups and clubs to come to him for talks on gardening and other small-scale farming techniques.

“There is a lot of interest in acupuncture, and I think this program will help people who want to start or expand a new system now,” he said. “This is a good place to start. It should answer most questions and help people decide what they want to pursue.


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