Adidigo, Swinney to promote farmland law, prevent warehouse expansion – insider

Adigigo plans to introduce laws to protect farmland, preventing the expansion of warehouses.

Trenton – In order to better protect farmland, Senator Down Adiego and Senate President Steve Sweeney have announced plans to enact agricultural land as part of a “redevelopment and housing law.”

“As a state of paradise, we are fortunate to have abundant agricultural land in New Jersey for agricultural and horticultural purposes,” said Senator Adigigo (Di-Atlantic / Burlington / Camden). “However, the gap in our current law is to rebuild farmland into warehouses, narrow our infrastructure and threaten the future of the agricultural sector. In addition to further efforts to prevent the expansion of the warehouse, we must protect our important green areas throughout the state and protect them as intended farmland.

Under this law, the law amends the “Environmental Redevelopment and Housing Act” to determine whether agricultural land is not a redevelopment area or an area in need of redevelopment. In particular, the law reviews the definitions of “redevelopment area” and “redevelopment area” used in the law, including land that has been actively paid for agricultural or horticultural use, valued, assessed and taxed. 1964. ”

“Over the past few years, we have taken significant steps to protect our state’s agricultural lands,” said Senator Swayway (de Gloucester / Salem / Cumberland). By taking these steps so that farmland is not classified as a redevelopment or rehabilitation area, we will further ensure the protection of these important areas and prevent further expansion of warehouses that will help keep New Jersey green for decades.

“I would like to thank the Deputy Mayor, Bob Talon, and the committee, Daniel Golanda, for bringing this issue to our attention at our warehouse expansion meeting last month,” he added.

“We are grateful that Senator Adigigo and Senate President Sweeney took the time to speak with the people of Mansfield. For years, our city has experienced the use of redevelopment programs that allow it to take farmland and turn it into warehouses. Senate President Sueway and Senator Adigigo share the concerns of our residents about the negative impact on quality of life and the environmental impact of farming. “Closing this gap will protect New Jersey’s ‘Garden State’ heritage, our families and our ecological ecosystem. We thank Senator Adidigo and Senate President Swine for listening to our concerns, for their leadership, and for representing the voice of the people. ”

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