Adviser Faruk Ahmed Khan blessed CBBO and presented certificates of registration to FPOs in Nud, Samba.

In addition to handing over his cluster-based business (CBBO) office to the Board of Directors of FPOs in Samba Woreda today, Prince Faruk Khan’s Adviser was one step ahead of the event to raise awareness and provide significant benefits. The Government of India has launched a program to establish and promote agricultural enterprises aimed at facilitating sustainable income-based agriculture and ensuring the overall social and economic development of agricultural communities in the country. (FPOs) at the blockchain level. Ram Sevak, Director of Horticulture Jammu; KK Sharma, Director of Agriculture Jammu; Sanjay Verma, Chief Agricultural Officer Samba and Shalesh Sharma, DDM NabadDF, FPOs and Farmers’ Board of Directors also participated in the program. In the first phase, two clusters were implemented to implement the program in Samba District. In addition to the farmers of Basmati Rice, one of the Ramgar Block has been approved to establish an FPO in the Nud block. NABARD has established CBBO as a implementing agency to implement the FPO formation at the blockchain level. Farok Khan emphasized the need to work together as a production team to help farmers double their incomes.

He asked farmers in the area to focus on project design based on their specific needs. He noted the need to set up mushroom-growing apartments that can grow mushrooms throughout the year, as it receives good returns during the summer. Later, Counselor Khan met with the chairman of the DCC and the District of D.C. Meeting with councilors on various issues with the Department of Energy, Jal Shakti, Sports, FCS & CA and the Department of Social Welfare. Relevant parts for pre-correction. He advised the council to plan their budgets in such a way that their day-to-day and small-scale development issues will be addressed in the same way. He gave instructions to the farmers to increase and promote their farming activities in Samba and neighboring districts as it could be a game changer for the farmers. He also looked at the expected structure of the farm and the mother blocks of the nursery. He also graduated with a large plant in Badori and is admired by the Department of Fruit and Vegetation. And the farmer took gardening as a profession, and D.M.M.B.B. (DMBB) briefed the authorities on the establishment and promotion of the two FPOs in the woreda in an effort to provide small program benefits to all farmers engaged in these activities. Renaissance farmers. The director was informed by the consultant of the ongoing departmental development programs.


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