After a long construction, the East Side Community Garden will reopen

On Thursday, August 19, the East Side Community Garden was officially opened. Photo by Matt Watling.

OSWEGO – On Thursday, the East Side Community Garden was opened with a photo opportunity with faculty members, including Mayor Billy Balow, counselor Sean Burge and one of the board members, Kelly Mosher.

During the construction Announced in May, It took a long time for the residents to use this conspiracy. This is understandable to some extent, as Burridge explains. Initially, the committee wanted to use the Department of Public Works, but it was too busy with other things. As a result, the committee had to use Paul Dean to temporarily put the project on the back burner.

I think the most important part and the best part was at least possible. It took us a long time to get things done. ” “At a time when the city is busy with marina, the ship, Brittany, we have seen many homes being looted and sold or renovated. The city has done a lot of work this year. ”

Selection between 7th and 9th will take place about half of the first size of the community garden on East Shuiler Street. While the garden is being cut down, it must be kept in good condition, as it has been done for many years. The garden itself looks great, and Mosher said it is “exciting” to see a product that can be used in the backyard for the 2021 season. According to Mosher, there are 18-20 people who are “eagerly waiting” to plant a garden that can now be planted when people start planting it in their garden beds.

With a focus on caring for and caring for the garden, the Board of Directors created a list of rules. These are located behind the community garden sign and include agreements with members to make their plots winter, reopen in the spring, and maintain the look of their plans. The board and the city are committed to these rules to prevent another damaged garden. Despite the rules, he urged members of Burjig to speak. If they have a problem with their garden, they want to know if the board and the city can help. He added that the “big thing” is to take care of the plot.

While the garden is in operation, Burridge wants to see two more things when people start planting their seeds. The first is to bring more garden beds in the shade and shade for a more accessible garden. They sit on a bench so that older members can sit up and go to bed in a way that is easier for them.

“We water, we clean more than the tree line, and we cut down some trees,” Burgej said. We have a foundation now, and I want to see it better and better and better.

Finally, Borgie sees the community garden as a community center for people to enjoy good weather and fresh produce. He wants to bring in gardeners or farmers from various local businesses to conduct a seminar to learn more about the crop.

For community members throughout Oswego, anyone can do it by joining the garden Facebook page Or email the garden address, [email protected]

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