After guarding and mocking cases, police guard zones marching on New City | Kolkata News – Indian Times

Kolkata – In the past few weeks, after a series of morning raids, harassment and harassment in this part of the city, a team of Bidhanagar Police Special Officers has been dispatched to protect morning commuters in New City.
The morning patrol was part of a series of actions by police, including the formation of an opposition group with equal participation of residents and police, and the organization of workshops for women in the city. Extensive security was organized early last month after several incidents. In the early hours of the morning, with complaints from women about harassment, abuse, and harassment, Addis Ababa residents complained about the risk.
“We are pleased that the police have taken our case seriously and given us the much-needed security coverage. He said the presence of men’s uniforms on some of the key arteries and lanes used by morning walkers would indeed deter criminals and allow a peaceful start to the day. An emergency response team was formed to assist women in the city in an emergency.
Similar action has been taken by Kolkata police, with Coca-Cola police patrolling the streets and golfing areas of the Green and South Avenue, such as Maidan, Rabindra Sarobar, Alipore Agri-Horticultural Society, Lake Parnasere Lake and Suhaas Sarobar. Safety is always a priority in the city. Therefore, we have tightened security in the areas where the residents are going to walk, ”said a senior official of the Bidhanagar Commission.
In the last few meetings, the police have held patient hearings and taken action. “They arrested the man who tortured my son in a deserted place in New York City two weeks ago. He was disturbed by a middle-aged bicycle.


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