After Songbird’s death, bird watchers are still safe in Illinois – and it’s better to fall behind later

Following The recent death of a bird singer, Illinois officials are not currently advised to remove pastors, but to clean and sanitize mammals every two weeks and to clean the hummingbirds every week.

In July, hundreds of songbirds died of mysterious disease in Indiana, and birds in at least six states in the Midwest, South, and District of Columbia became ill or died of a neurological disease that is still unknown. , Swelling and blindness in the eyes of birds.

The most affected species are Blue Jay, American Robin, Common Grace, Northern Cardinal and European Starling, Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

During the July outbreak, Indiana wildlife officials called on residents to remove all bird feeders. But this week Indiana DNR advised Indiana residents to refrain from feeding birds to all counties.

Experts at the University of Illinois Extension recommend that you start as soon as possible.


Photo by his Styer. Store bird droppings in a cool, dry place, such as on a balcony or in a garage, to keep pests away.

“Feeding the birds means getting started early,” he said Richard Henschel, University of Illinois Extension Gardening Lecturer DuPage, Kane and Kendall counties. If you want them to hang in your yard, birds need to know in advance that there is something to eat.

Buying a small number of seeds for each bird can add a lot of stray seeds to the ground. Consider breeding only your favorite birds. This can be even more costly, as it feeds on four-legged crutches that do not need to be disturbed on the porch or on the lawn.

The type of bird selected also helps determine the type of feeder needed. Traditionally, pastors are designed for a wide range of seeds – for example, thorns from sunflowers.

“You can find a lot of food for your favorite birds,” says Hintless.

Bird seeds can be a source of food for animal pests such as Indian dinners, so cover the seeds carefully and consider storing them in a cool garage.

Many think about feeding the birds, and some think about water supply. Consider bird baths with heating elements to keep them cool during the winter.

Source: Illinois Extension News Statement Written by Richard Henschel, Natural Resources Indiana, Media Reports

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