After the concept of “plant sexuality” on male trees was posted on Tiktok, it went viral. Experts say here.

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Eli Botman He did not expect to start a vicious Internet war on trees.

One day in July, the 24-year-old relaxed in her pajamas in her Brooklyn apartment and decided to create and share a TKK video of her fate.

When you notice an allergy / asthma exacerbation in North America [because] Landscaping and urban planners thought it would be easier to care for males. And they planted many male trees, and those species now produce a lot of pollen every year to compete with a few trees. This biodiversity and climate change has led to a prolonged and rapid onset of allergies and asthma. So you are sneezing and crowding all day because of plant sex. ”

Botswana TikTok has been viewed 2.9 million times and has garnered nearly 4,000 comments.

Botman, who works in public relations and loves science fiction, told BuzzFeed News that TikTok’s urban landscape is actually sexual or that capitalism is causing allergies and is causing online homelessness for the homeless. -But he did.

“Most male urban planners have decided that the female trees are overgrown. And they have planted a lot of male trees that release pollen, but there are not enough female trees to absorb the pollen, so we have more pollen floating in the air than ever before, which can lead to allergies, ”TikToker @ jaimalenehough0 posted in a July 10 post. , Three days after Botoman was posted. But what everyone forgets to add in some way is the fact that the female trees are cluttered with fruit. And I believe the key to plant sexuality is to ensure that capitalism and urban people do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables provided by corporations.

The post has about 800,000 likes and has been shared 34,000 times.

“I knew capitalism would get money from your allergens,” said a TikToker @DANNIE in the @ jaimalenehough0 video.

In another response to the same video, TikToker @petitedeath said, “OK, but you had to manage a fruit tree? If we had fruit trees on the streets, we would soon be overrun by rats.

We have learned since childhood that nature is something we should use, so people think that animal sex is the result of capitalism, and I think this debate affects how we as a society use it. We will take our place and our land, ”Botoman responded to Tick Tokers’ comments in her own video.

After reading an article in American science by Tom Oregon, a horticulturalist and allergy researcher who invented the phrase Boatman, she first learned about “plant sexuality.” The article refers to the 1949 USDA Agricultural Year Book, “Only male trees should be selected to avoid damage to cotton seeds when used for street planting.

Essentially, that USAD crossing refers to the cotton wood, the reference tree in a separate reference, which has male and female parts on different and distinct trees, said Sarah Taber, who described herself as a farming and food strategist. The passage goes on to say that female cotton sticks are dangerous for street planting because they close drains and leak pipes. Taber added that translating the textbook of the year is a “deliberate reading” of the agency’s advice for all urban planning that “USAA recommends for men.”

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A quiet street in the historic district of St. Nicholas, known as Striver’s Row, in the Harlem section of New York.

But Ogren’s theory only refers to dioxide trees, and he does not think of other species that do not have separate male and female trees.

“Female trees do not produce pollen, but they take a lot of pollen out of the air and turn it into seeds,” writes Botanical TikTok, entitled . “Female trees (and female shrubs as well) are not only active, but also active allergens. When there are many female plants in the landscape, there is no pollen in the nearby air.

“I put two and two together, and if you have a female plant, you have an allergen-free plant,” Ogre told BuzzFeed News. “How? Because it doesn’t produce any pollen.”

Ogre, 74, is not in Tiktok, but she said she heard about Botoman’s post and mentioned the investigation. He was surprised that the concept was developed by a virus, but he was happy to see discussions about plant sexuality among young TikTokers, especially since he had a love for trees since he was a child.

“Many trees are emotional to me,” he said. “I have fond memories of opening apricot trees.

Ogre, who has been a fruit and vegetable gardener for 20 years, said his wife had developed a severe allergic reaction to severe asthma and had started researching an allergy-free garden.

“She almost killed me twice,” he said. “So I wanted to understand all this so that I could go down to our own house and do nothing in my backyard [her] He got sick. ”

According to the American Asthma and Allergy Foundation, it is the sixth leading cause of serious illness in the United States. Allergic reactions to outdoor stimuli, such as plants, affect 5.2 million children and 19.2 million adults. And some studies have shown that high levels of tree pollen are associated with asthma-related emergency room visits in cities.

According to Ogren, the solution to deadly allergies is to plant more female trees in a certain area to achieve what he calls a “gender balance.” Using a system called “Opal Plant Allergy Balance” (opal), people can use 1 to 10 herbal remedies to treat allergies. USDA has implemented OPALS, and in its 2015 book, Ogen explains how to use the rating system. Allergy-fighter garden.

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People walk past restaurants and shops on a tree-lined street in the Miami Coconut Grove neighborhood.

However, the controversy over male genital mutilation has escalated since Titock took to Twitter last month, and Taber has not been able to keep quiet about the plant’s sexuality on the Internet.

So Taber began to dismantle what he called the “web of distorted ideologies,” about plant sexuality, from poisonous manhood to anti-capitalism.

Just as she has a lot of truth, they all come together in a way that sounds real and real. ” “So they identified what those threads were and said, ‘Why does this attract people? You have to look like.

Taber added, “There are huge communities of people who love and love the idea of ​​nature, but there is no clue as to how it actually works: floating, trying to be smart and attracting the current thug.

She posted viral Twitter Thread This week she titled “Tree Sex Eid” which has garnered over 25,000 likes. It is not the gender or homelessness of the community that sometimes motivates city planners to support pollen trees.

The reason why pollen fills the sky and causes allergies every spring is that Tabor is in a quagmire.

Professor William Elmendorf, a specialist in community and urban forestry at Penn State University, says Ogre’s recommendations are valid because they have the right male and female specimens. But he added that, in lieu of human sexual pronouns, historically, terms such as “pod” or “fruitless” were used to produce limited or no fruit, including gingos, Kentucky coffee trees, and locusts.

“People should focus on gender differences and not on gender characteristics,” said Elmendorf. When choosing plants for plants, the variety of species is very important to him, from branch structure, resistance to infectious diseases and leaf color.

According to Taber, planting seeds of fruit trees, such as ginkgo trees, is a “really good environmental protection” because they contain toxins that can poison the waterways when they release toxic minerals into water sources. Not mentioning the fruits of some female trees can cause slippery, sticky, and dangerous sidewalks on city streets.

Public health is also a factor. The seeds of female ginkgo trees cause food poisoning – as symptoms in humans. Urban planners choose not to plant certain trees to protect people, not because they want to starve the homeless or the homeless.

Although Botoman considers “plant sexuality” a new idea, Taber people usually talk to her about the theory on Twitter a few times a year. But she has never had such an allergy during the summer, and she has not publicly commented on her sexuality.

In this latest issue, she fears how plant sexism has increased among TikTokers, who care deeply about environmental and social justice issues but misunderstand the facts behind the theory.

“If you pass this information on to people who don’t know much about plant biology, they don’t know why it makes sense,” says Taber. “So it is the destruction of capitalism, and it is the loss of fatherhood — it is like blaming things that are already a problem for them.

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