After the Northwest border was opened, international students were welcomed.

Northwest is looking forward to returning international students after the July demarcation of the border – something that could bring up to $ 15 million for the Northland economy.

Allowing international students to return to Northland could add up to $ 15 million to the region’s economy, says Northtec, looking forward to more than two years of accepting foreign students.

Many parts of Northland, including tourism, horticulture and health, are celebrating the border two months in advance.

And Northwest is happy because the border will be reopened to international students.

According to Toa Faneva, CEO of Northtech T-Hurei, the global education sector was worth about $ 5 billion a year before Kovid. Akonga International, in Northland, contributes about $ 15 million a year to the region’s economy.

After July 31, we are thrilled to welcome International Akonga (students) to NorthTec Tai Tokerau Wananga. “The local economy,” said Faneva.

“Having Akonga International in our classroom brings a global perspective to academic research, which expands and enhances the experience of local students.” In turn, our international students experience life in New Zealand and are immersed in our local culture, and receive quality education.

” In the last two years, we have found a number of international Akonga in NorthZ in NZ who have not been affected by the closure of the Covide-19 border. We currently have 73 international Akonga based in Whangarei and Auckland, including those who have completed a registered nursing program.

He said the announcement was made last week and that it was too early to say how much Akonga would come to Northwest to study at the end of the year. A.D. There were 865 international students at Northtech in 2019, the year before Kovid was hit.

“But once the borders are opened, we hope to be able to accommodate more Akonga overseas.”

Faneva said before the border closure and the Covide-19 impact, Akonga International had been able to find a safe haven in Wangare and Oakland as a whole.

“Support and assistance is being provided by the International Labor Organization. At this stage, we do not expect big problems for Akonga to seek domestic protection, ”he said.

The creation of Te Pekenga – Northwest Branch – offers the opportunity to embrace the wider benefits of globalization in education and to design a strategy that is very different from the one that often dominates the income-driven model.

Our focus will be on bringing International Congo to Ateroa New Zealand. “By providing good academic results and improving our international relations – we have the opportunity to create a truly valuable future for the international Akonga by sharing our unique two-nation peoples with others and giving them the opportunity to experience them.”

The number of international students in Northtech Pre-Covid (2015-2019)

2019 – 865

2018 – 897

2017 – 1,051

2016 – 923

2015 – 799

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