Ag School breaks ABAC enrollment record

Tiffany – The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources broke its previous enrollment when the semester of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College began.

A total of 1,446 students were enrolled in the SANR on August 11, the second day of class, according to college officials. That surpasses the previous record of 1,360 SANR students enrolled in late 2020.

“I believe it is a testament to Abak’s reputation and legacy,” said ABAC President David Bridge. “Agriculture is Georgia’s largest industry, and we are preparing students every day to be part of that industry. The jobs are there, and we plan to fill those jobs with our graduates who are ready to run.

Agriculture is the largest SANR major among 565 students. Other major choices for students include 273 agricultural trade, natural resource management forest and wildlife at 266, and agricultural education at 213, according to college officials.

“We are very proud and excited to have enrolled in the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources this fall,” said Dr. Mark Kistler of Sanar Dean. “This is a testament not only to the quality and reputation of our programs, our teachers and staff, but also to our ongoing recruitment efforts as a school.

“Everyone, including me, is involved in recruitment efforts: from in-person events, field visits, virtual tours and personal contacts by phone, email and mail. I emphasize to all that recruitment is everyone’s responsibility and I think it has paid off. ”

According to Kistler, enrollment in SANR has increased by 79% in the last 10 years. This year’s SANR registration includes 801 men and 645 women.

Preliminary figures indicate that this fall was 155 in Georgia’s 159 counties and 515 in Florida’s 67 provinces. The students came from 18 states, including California, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania, as well as 18 countries, including the Czech Republic, Belize, Thailand, Slovakia, India, and Germany. This fall, 60% of Abak’s students are women.

More than 61% of ABC students are pursuing a four-year degree this fall. ABC offers 12 undergraduate degrees, including Agricultural Trade, Writing and Communication, Agriculture, Rural Community Development, Agricultural Relations, Nursing, Agricultural Education, Natural Resources Management, Biology, History and Government, Trade and Environmental Gardening.

Corresponding degrees make up 38% of the student population, many of them enrolled in nursing degrees at the Abyssinian Academy of Sciences. At that degree, students can take the test that leads to a registered nurse certification.

He said the total registration numbers of the bridges are still being compiled. It will be the final enrollment of 3,990 students by 2020, the second largest enrollment in Abak’s history.


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