Aging: Lisa A. Pardos-Delois

Lisa A. Pardes-Delois

Lisa A. Pardos-Delois 1961-2021 POWNAL – On August 12, 2021, Lisa Pardes lost her battle with many miloma at home. Lisa was born January 24, 1961, to William and Florence Pardus in Manchester Conn. She spent most of her childhood attending Kenny NH Elementary, Middle and High School in Kenny. A.D. She graduated from Kenny Hayes in 1979 and attended Smith College in Northampton, Mass., And in 1983 she graduated with a degree in Spanish. Lisa was a hardworking little girl who saved her paper money to buy a bicycle on her way down the road. Local rallies. She won the New Hampshire State Hip Hop Championship and can still keep half a dozen hops on her body until she is middle-aged. She played Obo at a local jazz band in Kenny and proudly wore a bottle cap. After graduating from college, Lisa returned to the United States to begin her life here, teaching English to elementary school students in Spain for the next two years. She has worked for LLBean as a host, sea host and customer service representative. She had a high work ethic and often did all this work at once. In 1987, she joined LLBean in the Customer Service Department. Realizing her potential, they took her to finance her 10-year career. A.D. After receiving her MBA from the University of South Maine in 1997, she joined the IT department at Idexx Labs in West Brooke. Idexx manages the IT department, which is based in Holland and often goes to work. She often likes to travel all over Europe on those trips, which she really loves. A.D. In 2009 she took her talent to TD Bank and worked until her death. She has received numerous awards for her outstanding work with TD, and has been a source of admiration, respect, and inspiration to her co-workers. A.D. In 2002, she met her husband, Tom. She began dating in 2004. Lisa and Tom traveled the world together in Europe and beyond, but somehow their favorite destination was Italy. They even plan to buy a villa in Italy to retire. A.D. In 2005, she gave birth to her first son, Cooper. In 2007, she gave birth to another son, Wiat. At 47 years of age, she was very proud to know that she was the oldest woman in Maine to give birth. A True Witness of How She Protected herself Lisa was a true friend to many and formed lifelong relationships with childhood friends, coworkers, and neighbors. Lisa was an accomplished gardener, gardener, sailor, cook, baker, mother, wife, and lifelong student. She valued education and begged her children to work hard at school. She was a pet lover and spent countless hours training your dog in various subjects, from obstacle course. She trained her favorite borderline, Colie Megan, as a therapy dog, and took him to Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital every week with young cancer patients. She enjoys skiing, walking, and hiking, especially when she does those activities with her family. Lisa was ahead of her mother. She is survived by her husband Tom; And children Cooper and Witt; Her father, Bill, and her stepmother, Barbara; Her brother, Chris and his wife Sandy, her sister, Julie and her husband George; As well as dozens of uncles, aunts; Brothers, sisters and cousins. Her life will be celebrated on August 28 at her home at 201 Royal Road. In the panel. Visiting hours begin at 3:00 pm and Memorial services begin at 4:00 pm, followed by a reception. Casual dress is required. As a result of her commitment to lifelong learning and education, RSU 5 was nominated for a scholarship. In lieu of flowers, if desired, donations may be made to the Lisa Pardus-Delois Scholarship Fund and mailed to 201 Royal Road. Pownal ME 04069

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