Agri Product Marketing The next challenge – Razak

Farmers and experts in Weberna today said that processing and marketing of agricultural products is very important in Bangladesh as well as increasing productivity in this sector.

The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBC) has launched a program entitled “Bangladesh’s Agricultural Thinking – Challenges and Future Promises”.

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Atruh Rahman, former president of the Bank of Bangladesh, said in a keynote address that agriculture should be more flexible, with adequate financial support and the use of new technologies – the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence -.

“We need to be more proactive in tackling the problems in the marketing of agricultural products,” said Sheikh K. Mujiburu Rahman, a member of the Bangalore Agricultural Group.

Educated youths should be given the opportunity to grow as agri-entrepreneurs and loans, agricultural insurance, and loan guarantees should be guaranteed for them, Atotur said.

“We need to do more on food security and create awareness about it,” said Ahsan Khan Choduri, chairman and CEO of PRAN-RFL.

He said it is necessary to produce better quality and more valuable agricultural products to compete in the international market.

In his speech as the guest of honor, the Minister of Agriculture, Mohammed Abdurazak, said that the father of the nation, Sheikh K. Mujibur Rahman, had spent his life thinking and working for the development and safety of agriculture and farmers.

Therefore, soon after the independence of the country, Bangabandhu made important decisions and initiatives for the development of the country’s poor and oppressed farmers.

He said the current government, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, is constantly adopting anti-aging policies.

He said the next challenge in agriculture is the marketing of agricultural products. He said the marketing of agricultural products is very important for farmers to get affordable prices for the profitability of agriculture.

If the agricultural market cannot grow at home and abroad, the development of agriculture will not be sustainable. That is why we need to be involved in agro-industrial development to increase agricultural processing and marketing. Added.

Director General of the Bangladesh Policy Research Institute, Ahsan H. Mansur, said food processing agencies should be involved in exporting agricultural products.

State Minister for Planning, Prof. Shamsul Alam, said Bangabandhu has laid the foundation for the success of agriculture today. Because agriculture is the main source of growth.

FBC President Jashim Udin, Senior Vice President Mustafa Azad Chawduri and Media Person of the Year Siraj also spoke on the program.

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