Agriculture Reconciliation Division focuses on combating climate change, improving research | Florida Phoenix

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. House Agriculture Committee on Monday approved the $ 3.5 trillion settlement package.

To address the risks of climate change in agriculture, the Department of Agriculture provides financial support for historic Black Land Grant colleges and urban agriculture.

The $ 66 billion agricultural measure was passed by 27-24 votes through party lines. When Democrats rewrite the essence of American social policy, it blends in with the vast sections of the Reconciliation Bill written by other committees.

David Scott, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, said Congress needed funding for climate change, and pointed out the fires that are currently plaguing the West.

A good portion of the money will be used for climate change solutions and prevention.

“We need to invest in ways to protect and enhance our forest lands,” he said.

The move would provide up to $ 40 billion for a forest development program to deal with forest fires on public and private land. That includes up to $ 9 billion in forest resilience and resilience support.

It also has $ 190 million in scholarships for the 1890 Land Grant Institutions, including historic black colleges in Ohio, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Maryland, and Virginia.

The committee has allocated more than $ 7 billion for general research, education, and development programs to promote “global competitiveness, innovation, infrastructure, food security, equity, and climate change in the US food and agricultural system.” Sheet.

The scale includes $ 1 billion in biofuel expansion and $ 400 million in loans to rural borrowers, according to Cindy Akne (D-Iowa).

Axum said, “Key infrastructure support to promote biofuels and other renewable energy sources in our rural businesses will support Iowa communities and pave the way for ourselves and our children to a cleaner environment.” In the statement.

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