AgSkilled 2.0 will address training needs for the ag sector this fall

Free Truck Driver Training and Licensing Courses are now part of an industry-led workforce development strategy across New South Wales across the grain, cotton, rice, vegetarian and horticultural sectors.

AgSkilled 2.0 is a NSW Government-sponsored $ 15 million training initiative to manage future human labor challenges in the Grain Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and Cotton Australia as well as the horticulture, horticulture and rice growing sectors.

ClaSia Vicari, co-ordinator of AgSkilled 2.0, said the innovative human resource development program has been successful over the past three years by providing various trainings across the country.

“The current, relevant and flexible, AgSkilled 2.0 training is tailored and tailored to specific industry needs and can be tailored to students with a variety of skills and experiences,” Ms. Vicari said.

As pressure mounts to find qualified workers, I strongly recommend that farmers use the current truck driver and licensing course to provide them with the skills and training they need to succeed in this harvest.

Trucks are commonly used on farms to transport inputs and outputs. From medium hard to multi-integrated, a license is required for anyone currently operating a truck.

GRDC Senior Regional Manager – North, Gillian Mappem said the issue of harvest manpower was on the minds of grain growers at this time and any training to help grow any existing or new workers would be necessary.

“The GRDC is well aware that labor shortages could affect this year’s harvest, so any training provided by Agaskellet 2.0 will help reduce the need for timely and effective assistance,” he said.

The presence of people who are capable and licensed to drive heavy vehicles can make a big difference in farming by bringing grain from the exit to the silo or to the warehouses.

Truck driver training and licensing courses are being held at the required Australian Industrial Skills Education (RAISE) training, which includes qualifying assessment and licensing skills for HR, heavy integration (HC) and multi-MC licenses. .

The course ensures that participants have the skills and knowledge needed to drive a heavy vehicle safely, including systematic and efficient control of all vehicle activities, trailer-proof and flexible; Control of traffic and road conditions; Vehicle condition management; And performance and exposure to hazards.

According to Vicari, these courses are based on interest and will be scheduled with participants.

“Courses include online theoretical training and practical delivery of individual components. There will be a limited number of participants from each company,” he said.


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