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West Akron – Four community leaders were thanked for their local and gardening efforts at the Akron Genet Club’s annual meeting on June 28 at Portge Country Club in West Akron.
Don Gordon, CEO of the Cascade Locks Park Association, thanked civic renovations for turning one of the seven locks on the Ohio and Eri Canal into a park. The park now serves as a center for environmental education, historical interpretation, and community education. His other accomplishments include the establishment of the Indigenous Forest Garden and Pollen Garden on the Mustill General Store and Museum property in partnership with Akron Garden Club.
Beth Knorr, executive director of Summit Food Coalition, was lauded for her joy and knowledge of gardening by growing and cooking sustainable food. The Coalition, which co-founded the Coalition in 2008, has played a key role in establishing and growing agricultural markets and providing fresh food to low-income people. It supports government policies that support sustainable agricultural practices and access to healthy food for all.
Jim Chatfield, a retired horticultural educator with Ohio State University Extension and Writer, received a commendation from Communications for educating and entertaining the public through writing, lectures, workshops, and presentations. Chatffield, who has spent 40 years with OSU Extension, has shared information on horticulture with common plant knowledge and scientific facts, often in poetry, lime and history, to make it all wonderful and memorable, club officials said.
Mike Johnson, head of conservation at Summit Metro Parks, was honored for his commitment to care and maintenance. He is currently responsible for protecting more than 14,000 acres[14,000 ha]in 16 parks. He has received over $ 22 million in support for land acquisition and major redevelopment projects and is working with others to remove the Gord Dam on the Kuyahoga River, plant 120,000 trees with 150 volunteers, and control the transformation of the former valley. Take a look at the golf course in the natural environment. He also worked with the Akron Garden Club to encourage the return of the endangered northern monastery plant and to support Fritag’s garden at Cassade Lock Park.
Founded in 1924 by Gertrude Seiberling, the Akron Garden Club works to stimulate gardening knowledge and love; Share the benefits of the association through educational meetings, conferences, letters and publications; And to restore, improve and maintain the quality of the environment through programs and actions in the field of environmental protection, civic improvement and education. Visit akrongardenclub.org for more information.

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