Alabama Agricultural Credit Donates over $ 2,500 to Wals State Community College for Agricultural Education

CULLMAN, Ala. – Alabama Agricultural Credit Celebrates Tuesday Grant of $ 2,500 to expand Wallace State Community College Smallholder Training Program in its Agriculture and Livestock Management Program. Rural Lenders Cooperative, which donated lunch to the Wallace State Community College Future Foundation on November 17, has raised another $ 150.

The Community Education Program prepares students to start or manage their own farms, work as a farm administrator, or move on to other fields related to agriculture.

Wallace State Community College Agricultural Manager and Instructor Travis Cross said, “Many of our students are moving from farming to secondary employment or retiring to family farming.” We write plans and manage farm finance. “

The Smallholder Farmers’ Training Program, which started in 2019, focuses on fruit and vegetable production for beginner farmers. Classes are learned from April to October – the normal growing season.

But big changes are coming in January, with the Agriculture and Livestock Management Program launching once-a-week, monthly classes. The new a la carte approach will include cutting down fruit trees and ornamental plants and additional topics for cattle plow management.

“We are expanding our resources to help people in many areas of the ag community and to cover topics in depth,” Kress said. We still cover fruit and vegetable production, and in collaboration with Extension and other educators we teach livestock management and other topics.

“Alabama Farm Credit allows us to hit the fuel and move forward rather than inch by inch. We also plan to offer free or reduced-price tuition to some classes starting in the summer and to cover supply and material costs.

Spring Match includes Monday night classes at Wallace State Hansville Campus, Oneonta Campus on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. Hansville Campus hosts three-hour classes and field days.

Agg Manufacturers are the lifeblood of our credit union, and there is always something new to be learned in agriculture and farming, ”said Mel Coller, chief executive of Alabama Agricultural Credit. We are honored to support a program that will help farmers develop their skills, both experienced producers and beginners.

In addition to the Community Education Program, Wallace State offers college credit in agricultural credit / horticulture and poultry science.

Alabama Agricultural Credit is part of the Agricultural Credit System, a national credit cooperative network that financially supports agriculture and rural communities. The lender is headquartered in Vulman, with offices in Albertville, Athens, Cullman, Thadega and Tuscampia.

Go to or for more information. The spring class program is posted at on page 53 of the Professional and Workforce Development.

Go to or for more information. The spring class program is posted at on page 53 of the Professional and Workforce Development.

Alabama Agricultural Credit Donates $ 2,500 to Wallace State Community College Agricultural Management Program. Attending Graham Mail Coller, Alabama Agricultural Credit Chief Executive Officer, Travis Cress, WSCC Agricultural and Livestock Management Instructor and Farmer, and WSCC Applied Technologies Dean Weiss Raster at the Jack Hopper Forest Building and Greenhouse in Hansville.

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