Alabama Virtual Farm Tour Today @ 5:00 PM

Get ready for another ag adventure from the comfort of your office or home! To view Virtual Farm VFT, please subscribe Alabama Farmer Relations On Facebook And accept simple rules to complete the registration process. This is a peer-to-peer social networking group for al-teachers, farmers and farmers’ advisers. Open to everyone! Hope you can join the group to view / share information !!

VFTs are made possible by Harley Willis (Video and Virtual Events Coordinator, Alabama Farmer / Commercial Vegetation Expansion Program) and team members working together to produce content. Special thanks to REA James Kelly for organizing this field visit! Thanks to all the producers involved in the project!

Have any of the last ten VFTs since 2021 been missed? Simply go to the archive page ( Digital- Resources / For Farmers /) And see the recordings. Bookmark this page for future reference! Kindly share this resource with your local manufacturers. We truly appreciate your support for your gardening team!

Funding for virtual events is provided by USDA-NIFA BFRD (Levels 1 & 2), SARE Research & Education / PDP, and ADAI Specialty Crops Block Grants.

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As the Alabama Extension Bib County Coordinator, Michel Gidens coordinates the implementation of all extension programs in BB County in many programming areas. These program areas include 4-H and Youth Development, Animal Science, Food Safety and Quality, Forestry, Wildlife and Natural Resources, Human Nutrition, Nutrition and Health, Family and Child Development, Family Resource Management and Human Resource Development, Commercial Gardening; They are home plots. , Gardens and pests, agricultural and agribusiness management, and community and economic development. Her experience at the University of Nebraska includes Extension Initiative TV and the Extension Foundation. At California State University, Fresno and Central Community College on Grand Island, N.J. She currently serves on the Board for the Brightfield Fire and Rescue Volunteer Fire Department, which serves the Brightfield and Six Mile communities in Alabama.

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