Alan Tichmarsh’s special relationship with a small Chelford College

We all agree that if anyone knows the gardens, we have the oldest gardener, Tetmarch.

The 72-year-old has been on British screens for years, and his latest series ‘Love Your Garden’ has become very popular on ITV.

His list of gardeners seems to be endless, and his name is ringing throughout the country.

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But in Alex’s heart, there is a special place in the corner of Essex.

State College is a small university college located in Chelsford, and many gardening students remember Allan’s artistic address and time to talk to them at their graduation ceremony.

He said of life in Great Britain: “All those years the college gave me an honorary degree and I was really honored.

“A year later, when Kent Duchess came down as a supporter, they asked me to be a guard.

“It is a college of great morality and great reputation not only in fruits and vegetables but also in equity, landscaping and land management.

“In my opinion, at that level it is great to meet and connect with a college that promotes life skills and skills.

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Many people think that Alan is the only gardener, but he has actually spent most of his life as a journalist.

Alan grew up in Yorkshire and later became a freelance distributor and editor for horticulture and editor of horticultural magazines.

From then on, his work as a gardening journalist flourished, and the publisher’s notes on nine novels, “Bring Me Home,” were like a stepping stone on a gardening career.

It also features some of the country’s most popular horticultural TV shows, including the Gardener’s, Earth’s and Gardener’s World, and the Natural History of the British Isles.

He was twice named gardener of the year.

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