Alfarta needs community support to create an agricultural plan

Alfaretta, PA – invites residents of Alfaretta to attend a community food forum at 10 a.m. on Saturday, December 4, 2007, to support a strong local food system and learn more about the city’s agricultural planning process. The city has applied to develop an urban agricultural plan in partnership with the Fad Well Alliance and the Atlanta Regional Commission and has been selected to participate in the next phase of this election process.

Urban Agriculture Plan aims to connect local governments with their communities and create plans that will take urban agriculture and local food into the next phase of the city’s development. The Food Well Alliance and the Atlanta Regional Commission will select a city to develop an urban agricultural plan for 2022 and will receive $ 75,000 in grants. The Community Food Forum will review the election process by assessing each competing city’s readiness and willingness to participate in a comprehensive and comprehensive planning process.

Locals are invited to attend the food forum to learn more and to think about how to grow Alpharetta to support local growers and increase access to local food and agricultural products.

Mayor Jim Gilvin said: “The city of Alfarta is very pleased to have a comprehensive plan for our agricultural program and the greater participation of our residents.” The program has grown significantly over the past three years, and the overall plan is to map out the future.

“The growth of the Alfarta Community-Based Agriculture Program over the past few years has been very encouraging. Brown, Food Welfare Alliance Policy and Advocacy Manager. “We are proud to be working with the Atlanta Regional Commission to expand the city’s agricultural planning initiative to a second city and to form a regional food support network in Metro Atlanta.”

Old Rucker Farm tours follow the event. Residents are invited to explore the city’s innovations, including A-Row Garden, Poultry Palace, Flower Garden and Community Garden.

Parking and transportation are available at Wells Park Equestrian Center, 11915 Wills Road. Transfers begin at 9 ፡ 45

Go online to learn more about the Alfarta Community Agricultural Program and Old Racker Farm.

City of Alfarta

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