American International College is offering two cannabis programs online

American International College in Springfield, m

IIC is committed to becoming a leader in education in this fast-growing market that provides job creation and job opportunities.

A.D. Since its inception in the fall of 2020, the International College of IIC has been a master’s degree program in cannabis science and business. Beginning this fall semester, Micro Imaging Markets-Cannabis Certification Program will also be fully available online.

A 30-credit, graduate program for a science teacher in cannabis science and business, designed for individuals looking for a career in the cannabis industry, to help students understand the science, business and legal issues related to the cannabis industry. The program provides instruction in basic sciences, including chemistry, horticulture, agriculture, uses and delivery systems, business management, marketing and operations; And federal and state laws and policies.

The Micro Emerging Markets Cannabis Certification Program offers three business courses. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in a high school diploma or GED. Uncategorized students are welcome to join the program.

The certification program examines first-class, cannabis entrepreneurship, customer groups, products and services in the entertainment market. The results of price, quality and competitors will be assessed in terms of effective competition. This includes key aspects of the industry, including legal aspects, business models, finance and marketing.

In Cannabis Business Operations, students explore the complexities and challenges of this sector by analyzing the growing cannabis market. This course examines key components of the business, how the sector is evolving, in addition to financial constraints, investments and strategic marketing in the industry, and how to start and operate a cannabis business.

The final course of the certification includes cannabis law and ethics, which examine the legality of cannabis. Discussions on the legal and ethical implications of cannabis use, its legitimacy, crime and marketing will be explored in addition to law enforcement, business owners and recreational perspectives.

According to Lifley’s 2021 work report, 321,000 full-time FTE jobs on the world’s largest cannabis website have been legalized by legal cannabis in thirty-seven states since January this year. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia now legalize adult marijuana use, including Connecticut, to legalize cannabis in June. A.D. The growth of cannabis in 2020 is double that of the United States. A.D. In 2019, the cannabis industry added 33,700 new U.S. jobs to a total of 243,700. Despite a year of global epidemics, unemployment, and economic downturn, the legal cannabis industry has added 77,300 full-time jobs in the United States. That means 32% represents more than a year of employment growth.

American College of Business, Arts and Sciences Dizan Susan Walker, Ph.D. A business-based certification program that offers courses in the developing field. The IIC is committed to becoming a leader in education in this fast-growing market that provides job creation and employment and opportunities for the future.

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A.D. Founded in 1885, the International College of Education (IIC) is a private, joint, and doctoral institution in Springfield, Massachusetts, School of Business, Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine, and School of Health Sciences. IIC supports and promotes education, diversity and opportunity for its students and community.

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