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Premstaetten, Austria (September 14, 2021) -ams OSRAM (Six: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, announced today that it will showcase the latest advanced imaging technology at the Seneca Convention, September 21-23, at the San Jose McNary Convention. Center. March 2021 marks the first time the company has unveiled OSRAM in the United States. OSRAM, a pioneer in light absorption, and light-seeking OSRAM are leading the way in new technologies. Improve relationships, make medical examinations more effective, safer, and improve overall life. ams OSRAM features comprehensive sensor solutions for a wide range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, mobile, industrial and fruit and vegetable development.

Demonstrations from AMS OSRM will take place in the Willo Glen I and II meeting rooms at the San Jose Marriott Hotel. ams OSRAM showcases industrial dynamic 3D navigation and infrared light technologies for industrial robots and automotive vehicles. The interaction between infrared light and associated sensors is important to create a 3D view of the vehicle. ams OSRAM is the only company on the market that offers both VCSELs and Edge-Emitting Lasers (EELs) for infrared light, as well as time-of-flight (TF) and global shutter image sensors.

The company offers the latest technologies in other industries, including:

  • Visual sensors for the necessary signal control biosensor in smart watches, as well as for side flow testing and maintenance diagnostics

  • UV-C LED with sensors that can safely contaminate the environment by detecting human presence and destroying harmful viruses and bacteria.

  • A new touch sensor to help motorists comply with UN Regulation 79

  • Nanale – The world’s smallest digital camera that can be used in medical and consumer applications

  • Garden pencils that stimulate the balance of LEDs and daylight to ensure optimal production and energy and cost savings.

In addition, on Tuesday, September 21 from 12: 00-12: 15 pm PDT, Joe Werley, Senior Marketing Manager at AMSASM, will deliver a technology talk on ‘3D-Inspiring New Industrial Applications’, both at the Tech Talk Lounge and on-site. Online streaming. George discusses that 3D optical systems, in conjunction with machine learning algorithms, have great potential for growth in the industrial wholesale market, and how to improve the productivity of the factory system with improved safety, flexibility and automation. Learn more.

“As demand for sensor technologies grows in the industry, we will continue to expand our sensor supply portfolio,” said US Vice President of Sales and Marketing, USA OSRAM. We are experiencing emotions in a new way. Light gives light to the world; Surveying makes it safer, and with this combination you can make life better for everyone. We look forward to demonstrating and discussing with the participants at the Sense Convention how our sensory technologies add value to next-generation applications.

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ams OSRAM showcases industry-leading 3D navigation and infrared lighting technologies for industrial robots and automotive vehicles.
Image – ams OSRAM

Nanawa, the world’s smallest digital camera, appears on the Censor Convention. The product family can be used in AR / VR headphones and in consumer applications for endoscopy in the medical field, such as eye and face tracking.
Image – ams OSRAM

About ams OSRAM

AMG AG is one of the leading companies in the field of optical solutions, including AMS AG as a parent company. We enrich people’s lives by adding ingenuity to light and desire. This is what we mean by sensing life.

With a combined history of more than 110 years, our core is the intellectual, in-depth engineering and global industry capability in sensor and light technologies. We create innovative solutions for our customers in the consumer, automotive, healthcare and industry sectors and drive innovations that significantly improve quality of life in terms of health, safety and comfort while minimizing the impact on the environment.

About 27,000 of our employees around the world focus on emotional, descriptive, and visual imagery to make travel, medical diagnosis more accurate, and richer in everyday interactions. Our work creates technology for created applications, reflecting more than 15,000 patents granted and implemented. Headquartered in Premstaetten / Graz (Austria) in Munich, Germany. By 2020, Pro Forma had grossed more than $ 5 billion in combined revenue.

ams AG is listed on six Swiss exchanges (six: AMS / ISIN: AT0000A18XM4).

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