ams OSRAM introduces new horticultural LEDs

OSs OSRAM has announced the launch of OSLON Optimal of LEDs based on the latest ams OSRAM 1mm2 chip for fruit and vegetable lighting, combining high efficiency, reliable performance and high cost.

The new OSLON Optimal LEDs are available in Hyper Red (660 nm) and far red (730 nm) colors. Deep blue and horticultural white versions are expected in Q3 2022. The mix of colors and whites provides suitable producers to meet the visual requirements for any fruit and vegetable application.

3.0mm x 3.0mm OSLON Optimal LEDs are ideal for horticultural lighting used in permanent farms and high-density greenhouses, a strict set of LEDs is essential. The main requirement in these applications is to balance efficiency (Photo Flux per Watt, or PPF / W) with low cost (PPF / $).

Balancing performance and cost of OSLON Optimal LEDs with robustness, high reliability and excellent lifetime. The new products are based on the same advanced InGaAlP Thin film chip technology used in the OSLON Square family of 2mm2 die LEDs, leading the market for high-performance horticultural LEDs.

This technology allows OSLON Optimal LEDs to withstand high rotational currents and high operating temperatures, while maintaining optimal working time and minimizing photo fluctuations. The 3030 High Power ceramic package withstands rust even when used in heavy gardens.

“Based on our ams OSRAM chip technology, the new OSLON Best Products family has achieved a market capitalization performance based on 1mm2 die. OSLON SSL Horticultural LEDs offer higher PPF / $ and PPF / W, and are compatible with OSLON SSL and OSLON Square LEDs. Permanent manufacturers and growers can be assured that the new LEDs will benefit from the strength, reliability and longevity of the OSs OSRAM LEDs, ”said Renil Pinging, Director of Horticulture Management at ams OSRAM.

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