An angry person’s neighbor door bell camera means he can’t use the garden for a year

Mark Fieman, from Paisley, Renfrashre, says he has not been able to use the garden for more than a year.

Mark Fieman says the presence of the camera is undermining his privacy

A satisfied resident is calling for a neighbor’s doorbell camera, which he says violates data protection and prevents him from using his own backyard.

In his four-room apartment, a neighbor installed a doorbell camera, and Mark Fyman said he could not use the garden above.

Mr. Fieman, from Paisley, Renfrashre, has a garden attached to his apartment where he lived for nine years.

The 55-year-old says his privacy is being invaded by a device that is presented directly to the garden.

But he says he will not go anywhere with the local authorities to get rid of him, even though UK law has been repealed.

He even tried to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office in Edinburgh.

Mark felt that he was always watching, and he said that he had no personal life in his own garden


Andrew Neil)

Council tenant Mark wants to be removed from the Express, but he seems to be circling.

“I have spoken to the police. He has told me who the civil case is and the council is telling me to speak to the police,” he said.

He now feels that he is always watching, and he says he has no privacy in his own garden.

I have not been able to sit in my garden since the lock was started in March last year. I don’t feel comfortable with the camera there. Only two feet left. ”

The Office of Information Commissioners is a British independent authority established to protect information rights in the public interest, to promote openness in public bodies, and to protect the privacy of information to individuals.

The ICO says: “Data protection laws do not apply if the cameras cover only the user’s personal property, including their garden. Therefore, visitors to these cameras do not have certain data protection rights in relation to the images captured on those cameras.

“If the cameras capture images of people outside the user’s property — for example, in neighbors’ homes or gardens, in common areas, or on public roads or on the street, then neighbors, passers-by, and anyone else. Cameras have rights under data protection laws.

“Capturing and copying such images is not in itself a violation of data protection laws. However, CCTV users must abide by these rules and respect the data protection rights of their occupants.

This applies to any video surveillance equipment installed on the house, as well as cameras mounted on doorbells, the official said.

In cases like Mark, the ICO has the right to say whether it is being recorded, to request copies of any recording or to request that any recording be deleted.

An independent regulator also has the right to request that the camera never be used.

“It was unacceptable,” says Mark.

In this case, I have some rights and something needs to be done.

RF Fresher Council says tenants need a permit when repairing any equipment for council property.

A spokesman added, “As we seek to resolve this issue, the local housing authority continues to advise Mr. Fiman.

Any tenant or resident who uses film equipment in a film must do so responsibly to respect the privacy of others.


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