An established pollinator garden in Sagamore Hills

Sagamore Hills will reuse its rain garden by creating a pollinator garden at Township Park on Valley View Road, according to the town’s website.

A rain garden and rain barrel combination was installed by former Township Trustees Rosemary Snell and James Hunt to capture and filter rainwater from the roof of a small toilet and utilize the rain barrels/gardens.

It still functions as a rain garden, filtering pollutants and reducing rainwater. But planting the garden in abundance increases the functionality of the garden because of the long plant roots that absorb rainwater and filter soil pollution.

The rain garden will have new species of plants to attract all the pollinators and will have the added value and dual function of serving as a pollinator garden, including several milkweed plants, which will provide habitat and resting place for monarch butterflies to incubate themselves. Road to Mexico.

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