An experimental program on a fun library mount allows you to test the seeds

You will soon be able to see the seeds from the mountain library. And unlike most library materials, you get to keep them! The seed library pilot program, which begins September 11, encourages residents to produce their own food. To alleviate seed shortages and encourage more participation in urban agriculture, a partnership between the Friends of the Mountain Library and a race is underway.

“The purpose of seed sharing is always to raise more people, expand access to and interest in gardening and connect with the earth,” he said. Rena Kovalkik, Which sits on a low-cost DC board. It makes sense to work with a public library to distribute seeds collected in one race and in other ways. “The library has low barriers to access, it is a welcoming place, and there are no income barriers or anything like that,” she said.

Kovalkik says she ran an experimental run two months ago with summer seed collections in seed trays, soil bags, and two or three varieties. “We had about 30 registered families,” she says. They immediately ran.

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