An hour in my Wellesley garden – where the new dahlias will be stored – Swellesley reports

“How can this be? Well, what about here? This place looks good, doesn’t it? No? Do you want to walk around the compound once? ”

Dahlia Labella, included in Desta Sedum during the harvest season, is “Maggior’s Fun Flame.” Maggiore means “major” in Italian. I am very ready for the main and big dahlia.

Such plant swings are not usually allowed in my Wellsle garden, but this is a special flower. This is not just a gift from Dahlia, but because I am not a challenge to Dahlias. One neighbor, a family member, came to encourage me when I realized that things were a little killer. She is not harassing me or anything, but my neighbor can always tell when my daily routine changes in my house. I am one of those people who needs the kind of nightmare that comes with turning on every light in the house. When the house was dark for one night, I went out to spend some wild time, and my family could not worry about rolling two switches. Two consecutive nights of darkness indicate distrust. That’s when I receive the text.

My answer, and the fact is, is not “much.” My answer, and the truth was, “All hell is gone, and the pain in grades 1 to 10 is 8. We are meeting.”

If you want a new dahlia, write it in an amazing way. Maybe you get one. I did. (BTW, he needed medical attention and returned to health. But he had to touch and walk there for a while.)

Once I found my new consolation Dahlia, I walked around the compound for several days before finally being asked to enter the autumn happy sedum. Once calmed down, Dahlia seemed to always be there. I brought a pot of compost tea and left to discuss the soda and dahlias. My new fast friends never trusted me, this is a great sign. Now I have to end my friendship negotiations by learning how to take care of my new self. Like I said, I’ve never planted dahlias before, and that’s because my neighbors grow up on one street with such beautiful specimens. I make excuses to walk around their house to see the fun, colorful, yard-sweet-yard where something always pops up. When I leave home, I make up my mind not to stay in the middle of my work day. I need to send a letter. You must drop items in the library directory. It is important to make sure that the new ice cream shop is producing a consistent product (they are, but it is still a good idea to keep it up). After a visit to my neighbor’s garden, I always felt at ease. And after my snow.

One day I took one of my neighbors outside and asked them how they had grown their flowers so high. Mr. Dahlia told me that first he is He is not a talented gardener, She it is. He has said the same thing on other occasions, but certain rules must be observed before discussing gardening techniques. Taking even unintended credit is scary. And Mr. Dahlia, the decent man of the South, means something to him. One time, when Mr. Svelesley was making some villagers watch a football game, Mr. Dahlia stood up as I entered the room. All the other men looked at each other and then (finally) stood still. I may have heard a little murmuring that it was just “dumb.” But at that moment, I realized that I was not the only one. I was a lady, thank you very much. I made sure I didn’t enter the room until late at night so as not to test the “lady” theory.

I, the real gardener, was not present at the moment I was passing, but Mr. Dahlia was willing to say a few words. Here is what he told me. Although he did not know anything about it, it seems that as long as he remembers, the Dahlia phrases should be dug before the first snow in early October. From the observations of the process, he suggested that the mushrooms should be placed in a paper bag with some pea or tree mud and stored in the basement for the winter. He is sure, but not completely, then pumpkins should be planted in early May. But be careful of wet forecasts and maybe delay the planting process for a week if it rains, this is really nothing but a normal garden feeling. They know that any idiot will rot if exposed to excessive and cold spring rains. He really knows nothing.

After hearing this advice, I returned to the Garden of Eden, where Dahlia and Sedum met. Then, oh miracle, I spied on a wheelbarrow. His favorite prayer mantis, bright and fresh, begins his own garden life. He made eye contact, then leaned over my shoulder and entered my shoulder, where he sat down. Pirates may have loud, trembling parrots. As a gardener, Mantis, who prays for me as my friend, is a very exciting summer wildlife experience. As I walked in to meet his family, Mantis’s prayers were interrupted. Everyone was amazed.

Wellsley Garden, praying for Mantis I pray that my friend Mantis is the first insect in the garden to have permanent contact with me. I must have been doing something there.

The Internet tells me that this meeting is very, very good, and that the praying mantis will give me good luck with me and my garden, and that he will tell me about the new dahlia. As long as there are many sweet insects to eat, my prehistoric insect friend hangs around Welsley Garden. No problem there. I remember why I resisted insecticide spraying when Japanese beetles bloom on hibiscus and aphids attack stargazer flowers and mosquitoes crawl on the edge of a tree. Hahaha, jokes are about these bad pests. I soon had to deal with their destructive influences. My Attack Praying Mantis is coming to find them and awaiting the new Dahlia and everything else. I can only spend an hour a day in Wellsley Garden, but my prayer mantis, faithful and true, will be at work 24/7. I’m sure.

Wellsley Garden, praying for Mantis In Wellsley Garden, Mantis prays around the house.
Wellsley Garden, praying for Mantis Praying Mantis will be reunited with his family. Everyone was amazed.

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