An increasing number of Ecuadorians have been affected by the epidemic in the United States

NEW YORK (AP) – Monica Mukinche has left the Ecuadorian highlands with her 10-year-old son-in-law just a few days to reach New York.

She flew to Mexico City, took a bus, crossed the US border, crossed by boat, and was arrested by a border guard. After a night in Texas, she was released and headed to the big Apple.

“I think God is waiting,” said the 35-year-old, who lost her husband last year while trying to make the same trip.

Mukinche is one of the largest Ecuadorian immigrants to the United States. Beyond El Salvador, the fourth-largest U.S. citizen behind the Mexican border, Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras is the largest. U.S. officials stopped Ecuador in 17,314 times in July, up from 3,598 in January.

People from South America were the only major citizens of the U.S. border guards in the congested El Paso area in July.

Other non-traditional immigrants, including Brazilians and Venezuelans, have seen an increase in illegal immigrants to the United States. But Ecuador stands out because of its small population – less than 18 million people.

In part, the seemingly entrenched influx of coronavirus and Mexican policy has also increased the number of Ecuadorians on the voyage.

Ecuador’s economy struggled for several years before the Covenant-19 collapsed. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs, and officials say 70% of businesses have been closed for at least some time.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government He announced that in 2018, Ecuadorians will be able to visit without a visa. After the travel ban was lifted, those with passports and plane tickets were forced to jump across the border into the United States.

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