An online garden machinery company was hijacked by a Cheltenham entrepreneur

Cheltenham ተከታታይ buys gardener e-commerce business deal with big deal.

Steve Williams acquired Chesterham Movers by seven-digit number from family-owned Glostershire Business. The deal was advised by GS Verde Group.

Movers Online, a company that sells lawn mowers, garden tools and other gasoline, electric and handicrafts, has been running for more than 20 years by local businessman Jonathan Hesman.

“I am thrilled to have access to well-known businesses such as Movers Online,” said Mr. Williams, who recently sold his logistics business, which has grown from the start.

“The business has excelled over Jonathan and his team over the years, and we look forward to further building on that success.”

Movers Online is the first in Mr William’s new “buy-and-build strategy,” GS Verde said. According to the company, Mr. Williams now plans to build a team of businesses that can offer online, wholesale and retail offerings.

Mr. Williams added: “G.S. I would like to thank Verde Team, HSBC and those who helped make this agreement a success. We look forward to the future and look forward to further opportunities to build this new business team with the support of our consultants.

Funded by HSBC UK and sold by accountants Francis and Co.

GS Verde Group is a business that combines legal, financial, tax and communications advice to support businesses.

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