Andra University will launch MBN in BBC Analysis next academic year

as if Express News Service

Visakapapanam-Andra University is set to introduce MBA in the BBC analysis from the 2022-23 academic year. The Academic Senate, chaired by Deputy Chancellor PVGD Prasada Reddy, on Wednesday approved the merger of the Department of Human Resource Management and the Department of Trade and Management Studies.

Decisions were also made to increase the number of seats for M.Sc Botany from 44 to 88. Similarly, the integrated course seats in B.Tech CSE will be 120 times higher. According to AICTE guidelines, the duration of the MCA is reduced from three to two years.

The Senate has approved a proposal to introduce a PG diploma in pediatrics from the current school year. A course on logistics is also offered to defense personnel. It also decided to allow its four-year BCC program to go into M.Tech distance learning in agriculture, horticulture, grassland and forestry. The senator approved the commencement of vocational and animal husbandry courses at AMAL College in Anakapale.

VCC told the senator that classes at the university will begin on September 3 and that the results of the PG exam will be released in six days. The university has started cooperation with industry and international universities, VCC said, adding that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with UNICEF on disaster management and community management projects.

Hostel to come
The South Asian LPP will build a women’s hostel on the Andra University campus, estimated at 2.7 kroner. HCL also came forward and agreed to set up two e-seminar halls in the 60 lakh engineering college.


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