Andre Fu’s new furniture is inspired by Japanese gardens

Andre Fu’s new furniture is inspired by Japanese gardens

Andre Fu Living Art Deco Garden is a collection of furniture, fixtures, wall coverings and furniture designed by Zen Gardens and Art Deco.

Inspired by Art Deco and Kyoto Zen Gardens, Andre Fu will present a new Art Deco Garden under his new brand Andre Fu Living. The collection includes cabinets, chairs and dining chairs, tables, partitions, and ceramic tableware and wall coverings in collaboration with De Gournay.

“I was interested in exploring whether there was a way to re-interpret Art Decon’s paintings in the new collection with the sentiments of Zen gardens,” says Fu. In many ways, I want to break the standard patterns of Art Deco with the stimulant nature of Zen gardens. It would be interesting to include two very different and culturally different design elements.

Ichou Armchair, 4-panel screen and wall cabinet, part of Art Deco Garden Collection

Based on two seemingly unrelated references, the designer wears a visual narrative based on intertwined lines, combining carved sand meditation patterns and art deco architecture. With a special focus on the garden of Tufukuji Temple, the design of the historic Zen Zen gardens went hand in hand with intensive research. Fu was attracted by nature as a raw material to create poetic spaces, and by using gravel to create fluid lines and to stimulate visual movement and a sense of calm.

‘Ichou’ chair and pedestrian chair, wall cabinet, high cabinet

The visual focus of the collection is divided into cabinets and compartments. These sketches add subtle embellishment to the elaborate collection of Japanese gardens and letters. Similar patterns have been re-created on small pool tableware, with a rich almond design, with fine brown and gold accents.

My personal design is not just about combining patterns together, ”says Fu. Rather, it is based on the ability to move around different cultures and reflect modern culture on the basis of the natural characteristics of beauty, rather than relying solely on any culture. .


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