Annie Prayer Gardener died at the age of 76

How do you know and remember Annie Hudson Fisher, the founder of the Anyan Prayer Garden, a woman of faith who was delighted in her hospitality and her love for God, her family, and her community in her hospitable manner?

Fisher died Thursday, May 19, at her home, Anne’s Prayer Garden, a public herbaceous plant that allows everyone to experience God’s presence and find comfort. She was 76 years old.

“She was a soldier by nature,” said Bula Jernigan, a member of the Marshall Prayer Troopers, of which Fisher was active.

The Marshall Prayer Soldiers was one of the many gatherings for fellowship, prayer, and peace in my prayer garden.

“She came in and welcomed us into the garden,” said Jernnigan.

“She said the garden is on her property, but it belongs to the community,” she added. “You are always welcome.”

Annie Fisher’s funeral will be held on Saturday, May 28 at 11 a.m. at the Marshall Full Gospel Holy Temple. The release of the balloon took place on Thursday at the Anye Prayer Garden. Arrangements are entrusted to black cemeteries and cremation services.

Rita Vessei, a friend of Fisher’s family in Ohio, says Fisher’s quiet garden has affected not only the local community but also others across the country.

“Her prayer garden is famous in Ohio,” said Vesse. “I live in Ohio, and every time I go to Marshall to visit my mother, I always have friends who come with me, and we have to taste and take a prayer.

“Everyone liked it,” she said.

District 5 City Commissioner Reba Godfrey, a member of the prayer team, recalled how Fisher was a shining light for many.

Godfrey said: “Annie was a light-hearted woman who always spoke to a troubled heart and how to give divine counsel in prayer.

Godfrey says she loves Fisher’s humble spirit. Fisher says she is the epitome of her name.

“Her name means Grace, and that was really Anne – grace and grace and joy and beauty,” Godfrey said. “She was beautiful in her speech, in her behavior, and I never saw her get upset over anything.”

One of Fisher’s greatest wishes was to host an annual Christmas in the garden and garden events at Easter on site. He gave her great joy by presenting annual programs and opening the garden as a place for the marching community, fellowship, meditation, and worship of Christ.

At the event, attendees will stop at various key locations to hear the story of Jesus Christ and His love at free events and take a spectacular walk through the biblical garden. To fulfill the seasons, she often sang hymns, songs, poems, and provocative speeches.

For Christmas, Fischer begins preparing and decorating the garden as the city prepares for the festive season.

Godfrey was honored this year as part of the Fisher interdenominational Easter program.

“Everyone I talked to was happy that we did,” she says. “We didn’t know it was the last time we would do something with her.

“When the time came, I said, ‘I am still in the cloud, and there are nine others. There is a special spirit in the garden. You can feel God’s presence. ‘ And that’s what others have said – they can feel God’s presence there, ”Godfrey said.

In all that Godfrey Fisher did, she said she wanted to make sure God was glorified.

“It was not about doing things for credit. It was because God was glorified, ”said Golfrey. This is an example of her life – God is glorified.

Fisher’s prayer garden attracts many travelers, and God, who has often testified to Fisher as a stumbling block in the garden for a moment of silence or prayer, is certainly glorified.

A.D. In 2017, then-Willie College First Student Destiny McGee shared her testimony of being blessed by a fisherman through the garden with News Messenger. One day, she said, she was having a hard time, just out of the yard to explore and accidentally stumbled upon a peaceful plot.

“I found this garden,” she said at the time. “It was the first verse I read.”

Impressed by Fisher’s hospitality, she began working with her volunteer group in the garden.

Godfrey says this Fisher is the effect it has on others by turning on the lights.

That is what Annie did when she was quoted as saying: “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your fine works and give glory to your Father who is in the heavens.”

Fisher felt blessed to be able to make her garden available to the public when needed. A.D. In 2010, she was honored to be recognized as one of the top 10 protected martial arts gardens on Starter Home 2010 garden visits.

She also provides a beautiful backdrop for groups such as Girl Scouts to host events. According to Chanitra Sanders, leader of the Girl Scouts Troop 7145, Fisher has graciously allowed his army to organize carnival, mom and me tea and picnics.

As the leader of several Camp Fire girls’ teams, Sander Fisher is a strong supporter of the Girl Scout Army.

“When I asked her if we could do things there at any time, she said, ‘She’s happy that she did.” “Her house was still open. She was very selfish. ”

Pastor Edwin Lee, Fischer Pastor at Pine Grove Baptist Church, spoke of how selfish he was when he served in various capacities in the Church and for the Church’s strong fortunes.

Fisher said he and his wife, Richard Fisher, and the late Gloria Vessei were always leading the church’s gift basket.

Fisher said he used to give the church a Bible school every year during his vacation and serve as an art and craft teacher. She also decorated the church for holidays and celebrations.

Lee said: “She was a wonderful person, full of spirit.

In the 16 pastors of the Church, Lee has served as Chairperson or Chairperson of her favorite Pastor and Wife Thanksgiving program. She also chaired a dinner party for the church’s 150th anniversary this year.

“She was really supportive of what was happening,” says Lee. “Our church family longs for what you give in our ministry.”

When it comes to family, Lee Fischer says he is actively involved.

“Many people do not realize that I was married to her niece. She is very involved in the reunion with the Hudson family,” he said of Fisher’s first name. “She always opened her home for family meetings. She is very family-oriented. She really misses him. ”

Lee says he enjoys participating in Fisher events in the garden.

“I was always happy when you asked me to be a part of everything you do,” he says. “Almost once in a lifetime.”

Rita Vesse Fisher not only showed her love by sharing her garden but also showed true friendship. When Vesse’s mother died in January, Fisher made sure to see Vesse every day.

“She was a busy woman who took care of her sister and was very involved in the community and the church and her family but she still gave me time to talk to me and to talk to my brothers,” she said. . She was a beautiful soul and a very loving and generous person.

“She was a good woman,” said Vesse, sharing her heart with her life.

Godfrey, who has always been a friend of Fisher’s family, was also heartbroken.

“Our families will return to my grandparents,” she said, adding that they were visiting Zion Hill at a church home while their families were growing up. “I was devastated by the passing of her.

“It was very unexpected, and I do not know what to do,” Fisher said, referring to how he was part of a martial arts contingent.

“I miss my sister,” Godfrey recalls, “I miss my sister” every month at her house or garden.

Godfrey, a newly-elected city commissioner, said Fisher could not wait to see what the district had to offer.

“The street lights on both sides of the prayer garden have been turned off, and since I was elected, I have lit 62 lights in the city. So she ran, “Hey, did you see the light on?” I was just waiting for her to copy her to her. ”

Golfrey said the bright lights reminded Fisher.

“I love you,” Godfrey Fischer shared, describing his heartfelt feelings for the server.

Her coworker, Jernnigan, says she misses him too. Fisher says she will be known forever because the fisherman’s husband, Jernigan, was a barber.

“I have been blessed twice as much as her husband was a barber until her death. She’s just a fan, ”said Gernigan. “Your favorite verse Psalm 103 ፡ Reclaim: Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Now I hear you say that. She was just a prayer warrior. I can’t say enough about her.

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