AP government to distribute micro-irrigation equipment from October 1

AP government to distribute small-scale irrigation equipment from October 1

Andra Pradesh Agriculture Minister K. Kanababu said the government will start distributing micro-irrigation equipment to farmers from October 1.

He made the remarks during a review meeting with fruit and vegetable growers on Thursday. Canababu said farmers will be given priority.

As reported by HinduHe also said that even during the VV-19 epidemic, the government spent about 83,000 crores on farmers. It also reviewed in detail the registration, supervision and development of daycare centers and reviewed plans sponsored by the Department of Fruits and Vegetables.

Mr. Canababu also requested the woreda gardeners to develop infrastructure plans. Hindu They said. Officials also instructed newly trained gardeners to provide training.

Micro Irrigation: A modern solution for farmers

Krishna Jagran In a recent article, he emphasized the need for irrigation. It not only saves water but also increases the efficiency of water use. There are many tools involved in micro-irrigation. These include dripping, spraying, and mist. Small-scale irrigation has the potential to increase production on low water, fertilizer and labor standards. Even undeveloped land can be cultivated.

Government of India He started small-scale irrigation in 1992. In 2006, it was recognized as an exit point. The National Mission for Irrigation (NMMI) and the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (MMS) were launched to promote small-scale irrigation systems in the country.

In general, the importance of micro-irrigation for agriculture in India cannot be underestimated. However, its widespread use is only possible through demonstrations, training and awareness programs. The initiative of the Andhra Pradesh government is a positive step in this direction.

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