Apple farmers gherao HP agri, ministers of fruits and vegetables, block DNA near Teog

At wholesale Apple prices, fruit farmers were angry for more than three hours outside a holiday home 28 km from the capital, Shimla, by Himalayan Agriculture Minister Vinder Canwar and Minister of Agriculture and Fruit Mahder Sin Takur.

As Kanwar and Takur were on their way to the Parala Fruit Market, a group of Apple farmers stopped their horsemen.

He was joined by BJP Chopal Lawmaker Balberber Verma and APC Chairman Naresh Sharma. The farmers chanted slogans against Takur, who asked for apple produce to sell fruit on the sidewalk in plastic boxes.

Fruit growers gathered in Theog to attend a rally on September 13 against the “corporate robbery”.

The farmers also clashed with the police, who tried to clear the way for the servants. After the stress is found, the police on the National Highway has been closed of more than half an hour, and the police pointed out fast responsive groups.

As the situation worsened, Kanwar and Takur tried to calm the aggrieved farmers, and Chopal lawmaker Balberber Verma intervened and persuaded the farmers to talk to his servants at the PWD residence in Theog.

Takur made it clear that his statements were misunderstood and only suggested options for selling crops.

Farmers have previously complained about the fall in Apple prices, and the focus is even more frustrating.

Leaders of Summit Kisan Manch, Harisha Chahan and Sanjay Chauhan, along with Sandep Verma, Mahndra Verma and Sohan Takur, met in Theog to develop a riot strategy.

According to the Minister of Plant and Fruit, the government will ensure that 23% of the storage capacity in CA stores is provided to local residents.

Apple’s stock market plunged three weeks ago, and corporate farm stores plummeted after the announcement of fresh prices. Adani Agri Fresh Shimla District, which owns three controlled atmospheric stores, is buying apples 72 For high quality apples, the same quality was obtained last year 88.

Government farmers have repeatedly criticized the transfer of the map, threatening to reject Adani Agri Fresh.


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