Apple price slide – Farmers’ unions will hold a protest on HP on September 13th

Farmers’ associations in Hemak Pradesh are protesting against the government’s failure to meet the demand of Apple farmers in the region on September 13 due to the fall in Apple prices in the wholesale market.

Apples make up about 90% of the state’s vegetable production.

A joint forum of farmers’ organizations, Samuel Kisan Manch (SKM), announced on Monday (September 4th) that there will be protests across the country over the fall in the price of Apple and the problems facing the region’s agricultural community. If the government does not take corrective action, a protest will be held on September 26.

About 20 representatives of farmers’ associations and political leaders met with political leaders at the Calibari Hall in Shimla. The leaders who attended the meeting were Harish Chahan, Sanjay Chahan, DePak Singh, Kuldep Sin Tanwar, Ken Sharma, Rajesh Chahan, Rajnder Chahan, Sushil Chahan, Dimple Panjata, Sandep Masana, Sohan Takur, Satyawan und Nidir, Aam Admi Wana Tsam. , Vishal Shangata, a member of Zila Parihad;

SkM Chair Harish Chauhan said the September 13 protest would be held at the blockchain and state level. “All delegates agreed that the agricultural sector was in crisis. “Although the price of produce is constantly rising, farmers are not getting a fair price for their produce, which is ultimately affecting their livelihoods.”

Despite the increase in the number of markets, government agencies, such as the Agricultural Commodity Exchange (APMCs), have failed to meet the needs of farmers. Government farmers are not getting a fair price for their produce and exploitation by traders and artists is on the rise, ”Chauhan said.

Kisan Morcha also condemned a statement by Urban Development Minister Suresh Bardwaj at the Parala Market, where prices will be based on demand and supply.

“His statement reflects the support of the regional government,” said Chauhan, a minister of horticulture.

Kisan Morcha also raised 10 key questions, including the implementation of the Market Intervention Program (MIS) to stop the exploitation of Apple farmers. Under MIS, A, B and C level apples must be purchased at a supportive price 60, 44 and 24 in kg.

APMC law must be strictly enforced in state markets. The Farmers’ Union announced that there will be an open bidding and arbitrary prosecution against farmers in the name of wages, cancellation and cancellation of bank payments.

According to APMC law, the payment to the farmer must be confirmed on the date of purchase. “Strict action must be taken against traders and agents who have not yet paid farmers. Prices for packaging must rise. The government should compensate the farmers for the losses caused by rain and unseasonal rains, snowfall and drought, Chauhan said.

The unions have called for an increase in transportation costs and for the sale of apple and other fruit crops. Apple crop charges raised by HPMC and HIMFED should be released immediately. Subsidies on fertilizers, seeds, insects and pesticides and agricultural equipment must be reimbursed. The best sprayers, farmers, and anti-icing nets should also be released immediately.

“Apples are not a political issue, it is the moral responsibility of elected representatives of all political parties and the regions where apples are growing,” Singa said.

Vikramadita Singh said, “Starburst leaders Virbadra Singh, Vedia Stox and Narder Bragta stand with apple growers. Apple’s economy is in deep crisis and fruit producers need to cooperate with the forces that are changing prices in the market.

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