Application for ‘Garden Village’ with 2,150 houses in Hyde Green Belt has been announced

The controversial ‘Garden Village’ application, with more than 2,100 homes in the Hyde Green Belt, was finally unveiled.

The Godli Green Garden Village Plan, launched under the Greater Manchester Greater Framework Proposal, is still in the process of being approved by the Secretary of State, despite the region’s current master plan for a ‘place for everyone’.

The decision to move forward with the application was made in the wake of the ‘continued housing crisis’, according to reports.

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The Mesaid Council includes up to 2,150 homes in rural areas on North Mutram Old Road and ‘Local Centers’ up to 1,300 square meters of retail space, 1,600 square meters of commercial services and 1,000 square meters of local community use. .

The project is being built on the principles of Garden City by the Ebenezer Howard Champion a century ago, officials said.

“Godli Green is an example of a 21st century garden village, with the best of the surrounding city and country, blending seamlessly with the rural landscape,” the design report said.

However, more than 4,200 people have so far signed up to the petition.

According to the plan, a new elementary school, on the ground floor of Motram Old Road, will provide sports facilities and a bridge to Hatersley station ‘direct connection’ to the rail network.

The property is divided into two villages divided by Godley Brooke, with 1,250 homes to the west and 900 houses to the east of the site.

The location includes’ dense blocks’ on the highways’, with more dense residential areas around the two centers, but more ‘sensitive’ areas around the coast will have smaller and lower elevated homes.

According to the plan, the construction will be completed in 15 years and it is planned to deliver 102 houses by 2022/23.

If the massive development is approved, it will generate £ 9m in revenue for the council, officials said

Road access is planned to create four new entrances from Mottram Old Road, which will reduce the new traffic and lane to 30 miles per hour.

In the garden village, the speed limit is set at 20 miles per hour to ‘improve the safety of the residents’.

Due to the location, there will be no traffic between the eastern and western villages, but officials say there will be pedestrian and bicycle connections.

More than 5 miles[5 km]of new ‘off road’ is planned for pedestrians, horse riders, and cyclists everywhere.

And more than half of the land earmarked for development is made up of green infrastructure, according to the plan.

The entire Godley green space is currently designated as a green belt

“Moving in and around the proposed new homes is a comprehensive network of public spaces designed to establish parks, gardens, natural areas and growing areas,” the design report said.

“These will be accessible to existing and new residents in the area.

Many of the buildings on the ground floor must be demolished to keep the garden afloat, including the Gudley Studio Farm, the Farmedaw Farm, and the agricultural buildings at both the Fordford Farm and the Greenside Farm.

The proposed documents on behalf of Tameside Council say that the proposed site represents an opportunity for the county site to ‘once in a generation’.

He added: “Godli Green offers a unique opportunity for the people of Thameside to create a truly sustainable 21st century garden village at the foot of the Peak District.

“Godli Green’s vision is a ‘thought-provoking and practical approach beyond’ another place of residence. ‘

If the massive development is approved, it will generate £ 9m in revenue for the council, officials said.

Homs UK has supported the በ 10m project, which will provide at least 15pc affordable housing.

However, even if the plans are approved by the House Planning Committee, they will go to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who will decide whether to allow it to continue.

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