Arcadia’s latest appointments and promotions promote national work Architecture and Design

Landscaping Architects Arcadia announced a number of promotions and key appointments last week to expand its national footprint to support the workload of several vacancies.

Alex Longle, founder of Arcadia, says he is thrilled to announce his recent promotion of landscape architecture.

“We are delighted to introduce Andrew Mason to Senior Associate and to Daniel Sparter and Georgia Alexander. One of our priorities is to train our personal trainers and consultants to develop their careers. When I started the project 10 years ago, Andrew was Arcadia’s first employee, so seeing how he has changed and the admiration we receive from customers is especially important for the design approach. ”

There are many opportunities in Arcadia, as the developed industry, the government, and the wider society play an important role in our daily lives. We have expanded our leadership with a number of significant new recruits in the design and supply of large-scale urban design and landscaping projects, ”said Michael Barnett, Director General of Arcadia Landscaping Architecture.

“Our new Queensland principal, Ben Newwell, will be a strong addition to Arcadia, including significant large-scale integrated state and infrastructure projects, including significant coastal state projects.

Shortly after joining Arcadia 10 years ago, Andrew Mason rose to prominence in Sydney. Mason has been a pillar of the practice team by sharing a number of insights into his work on a number of different projects. It has also played a key role in Arcadia’s BMM strategy and implementation development and has managed to increase its reputation for detail and focus by managing large-scale document packages and construction details.

To successfully collaborate on multi-disciplinary teams, Daniel Spiezer has grown into a collaborator with experience of working on projects of all sizes, using strong communication and creativity skills. Recent projects include state-of-the-art and urban-shaped public domain projects in complex packages.

Based in Hobart, Georgia’s Alexander Alexander has also grown into a collaborator. After successfully managing NSW projects, Georgia established local presence in Tasmania. She has developed strong relationships with local architects and designers, collaborating with various Tasmanian projects, and traveling to Sydney brings her to work in NSW. Eskinder has extensive experience working on large-scale residential, small and large business projects and master plans.

Going to appointments, Arkadia Queensland Studios Ben Newwell as the new CEO of Studio, will work with Nathan Klausen to ensure that Arcadia continues to grow and thrive for the Queensland construction industry. Ben has over 20 years of experience in landscaping and urban design in large residential, commercial and mixed use development projects across Australia, the Middle East and China.

Zinte Wahbe also collaborated with Arcadia, bringing nearly 10 years of local and international experience to the team. With a strong love for design and details, she has extensive experience managing projects at all stages of design from initial projects, from construction to construction and implementation.

Arkadia’s new partner, Urban Design Abdul Fahim Razali, provides vision, concept, creative design solutions and in-depth analysis for urban design projects. Razali has extensive experience working in various sectors, ranging from urban renovation and renovation, to transportation infrastructure, to space allocation, and to cultural projects.

Johnny Nugie joins Arcadia as collaborator. His focus is on the design and delivery of major urban design and landscaping projects, with experience in a wide range of sectors, including public sector, entertainment, business, housing and education. Nuguyen prides itself on award-winning detail design, and strong ability to manage and deliver projects.

Image: Left to right – presented by Zinate Webbe, Georgia Alexander, Johnny Nuguyen, Andrew Mason, Abdul Fahim Razali, Ben Newwell, Daniel Spyiser.

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