Architect and F team team to design Bulco Garden Restaurant “Le Pavillon”

Lena New York Oasis, ‘le pavillon’

Isaiah Wenfeld celebrates the opening of the Green Restaurant Ocean in New York’s “Le Pavillon” with world-renowned F Daniel Bulude. Cooperation between the Brazilian architect and the French FF is essential – emphasizing the stable garden intended by the architect at the same time and the technical accuracy required by the FF and the team. It is located on the second floor of a one-story building in the heart of downtown Manhattan – the most sought-after corner of the city.

Images by Eugene Paula Kim Photo | @eunjipaulakim

Garden in the center of town

Architects Isaiah Wenfeld and F. Daniel Bulude designed the New York Le Pavillon to gradually appear in lush olive trees and beautiful plants. A twisting walkway around dining tables, reminiscent of a walk in the countryside. With its narrow width, high ceilings, and large window walls, the light-filled restaurant features open air.

Daniel Bulude describes the name “Le Pavillon” in honor of Henry Sonse, who was inaugurated in 1941 and has long been celebrated as a New York institution. Although the purpose is not to duplicate the old Le pavillon, chef Daniel Bulud celebrates his name in this new millennium by commemorating the days of ancient French restaurants.

le pavillon New York

Discussion with the architect and chef

Designbom (DB) – Can you talk about the collaboration between the architect and the designer in creating this restaurant? ff Daniel contributed to the design of the space, yes?

isay weinfeld (IW): Obviously! It’s not designed for myself – it’s not just my restaurant, it’s his restaurant. I have to understand him and try to translate what he does into architecture. But everything is from me, not from me. This is very important. I am the only translator. But this is easy for an architect when you have someone like him who knows his job. And this is basic, if you work with people you don’t know, you have a limited space.

DB – On the other hand, if you say, “Just design everything for me.”

ff Daniel Bulude (CDB) This is terrible for me, I can’t do it!

IW: There is always direction, that conversation, there is a way backwards. Because, for example, for me, it’s all about flow. It’s all about design effectiveness. Restaurant, if not efficient, will not work. And I have that constant back and forth discussion, to really understand each other – for me the practical or technical side, and then on the design side. How can we do that to Daniel? He still wants to be very important while maintaining all the creativity and design.

Architect and F team team to design Bulco Garden Restaurant
FF Daniel’s French cuisine is traditionally associated with the modern New York-spirit

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