Are you heading to the state show? Here are some of the best bets

Monday begins its first full week on New York State plains. Once you enter the parks, you have 375 acres to see.

If it’s hot, you may want to start with a cold cocktail. How’s the “1111 “signature drink this year, Blue York Shark Bite?

“We start with fresh blueberries, then fill with blueberry vodka and lemon. We make the vodka ourselves. And, it’s frozen in this machine. It’s delicious. ”

This year, you may want to spend some time on the west side. Authorities have made the area attractive to many vendors, with comfortable seats, and they can take trams if they do not want to walk.

You can find some great performances this week at Chevy Park. Some of the best picks – Wednesday night REO Speedwagon, Thursday night Bell Bevovo and Saturday night beach boys.

One of the best indoor areas on the fairgrounds is the Garden Building. You can not only get your classic baked potato tent for your money, but you can also get a lot of good skills for a great price. More than 50 vendors are selling everything from jewelry and comics to stress relievers.

As for the food, when you go to the show, you want to say that you have tried something that you do not get regularly throughout the year. A good alternative for you might be some roasted cauliflower wrapped in soy sauce on a veggie patch behind the dairy building.

“We always use duck soup, and soy and sorghum. And this year I said, “Let’s just use Thai chili soup, it’s wonderful on cauliflower,” said Jeffrey Brick, the wife of Veget Patch.

And of course, there are many options for dessert, but if you want a good deal, take a look at a large ice cream cone that costs only one dollar.

Remember that there is a lot of land to cover, so hurry up, plan and take a break.


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