Arkansas winners

Arkansas Achievements

• Arkansas Department of Agriculture grants $ 20,000 in scholarships to eight Arkansas University students. From Arkansas State University: Greifville, James Holoey and Jacksonport Landon G. Smith, both major entrepreneurs, agronomists, economists and financiers. University of Southern Arkansas – Briana Shaw of Pine Bluff, Oak Grove, Hannah Boite and Prescott Courtland Maxson, majoring in agricultural science and Garadon Hanna Helms, head of agricultural business. University of Arkansas Tech – Hartford, Master of Agricultural Education. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville: Princess Grove Kelby Biswell, Master of Gardening, Landscaping and Grass Science and Agricultural Education.

• Blvice Carsie Bonner was nominated as an academic star by Arkansas University Hope-Texarsana University in 2021. The Academic All-Star Program recognizes the academic and service achievements of Arkansas’ two-year college students. Each star receives a $ 500 scholarship for the final semester of the two-year college and a four-year transitional scholarship for the Arkansas Public University. Bonner is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in art in general education at the University of Arkansas, Texas. She plans to transfer to Central Arkansas University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in mental health.

• Fox Bailey Gene was nominated as a 2021 Academic Star Scholar from Ozarka College. Jean, who is pursuing an associate’s degree in art education at Ozarka General School, plans to study for a bachelor’s degree by the end of 2022. Academic Stars will receive a $ 500 scholarship to complete the final semester of a two-year college and a full scholarship from a public Arkansas College or University to complete their four-year degree. Ozarka College in Melbourne has satellite campuses in Mountain View, Ash Flat and Mammoth Spring. The college serves the people of Izard, Stone, Fulton and Shar districts.

Arkansas Achievements are an opportunity to recognize the achievements of Arkansas.

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