Artists participate in cultural exchanges between Jordan and the Netherlands

News Item | 12-09-2021 | 14:08

This year’s Open Art Museum is working with the Dutch Embassy in Jordan to bring the “Open Art Shuffle” to life. The Open Art Shuffle is a street art and cultural exchange initiative between Dutch and Jordanian artists, where artists go to exchange countries, ideas and cultures, and leave beautiful works of art in the form of large murals.

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The themes of the walls focus on food security, water and cultural exchanges. They aim to explain the social, economic, and environmental significance of these topics to the Netherlands and Jordan. The murals also highlight the importance of agricultural cooperation and the sharing of knowledge and best practices between Jordan and the Netherlands.

Jordanian artists Yazan Mesmar and Miramar al-Nayer completed two large murals in Liuwarden, the Netherlands. Both 15m x 9m wallpapers are engraved on the exterior columns of the Mark 058 building.

Many unique traditions have been developed by Jordanian communities to help deepen friendships with our neighbors. For example, when someone shares a meal with us, we return a plate full of fruit, sweets, or recipes to show our appreciation. I inspire the spirit of the ‘return of the plate’ to the concept of murals that honor and expand the important relationship between Jordan and the Netherlands, ”said artist Miramar, referring to the concept behind the wall.

She added: “My mural shows another important aspect of the natural landscape of the Jordan – the flowering palm tree. While palm trees grow all over Jordan, they are not found in the Netherlands due to the cold winter. So I decided to use my wisdom to give the Netherlands a palm tree that blooms all year round.

Asked about the mural, artist Yazan Mesmar said: “Jordan has a high level of women’s participation in agriculture in the Mena region. My mural depicts a proud woman in a traditional Northern attire to celebrate the beginning and end of the harvest season. The woman was surrounded by Tulip in the Netherlands National Anthem to mark the exchange of knowledge and experience between the two nations and peoples.

In late September, Dutch artist duo Studio Giftg and artist Timothy de Laat traveled from the Netherlands to Jordan to create their walls in the capital, Aman.

The initiative is sponsored by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Jordan. The exchange would not have been possible without the support of the writers’ block, the street art Antwerp, the Great Aman Municipality and the Jordan Tourism Board.

A.D. In 2018, the Dutch government identified ስን 200 million for development cooperation, recognizing Jordan as a priority country for receiving refugees in the region. The Netherlands has given priority to fruit and vegetable development because it has the potential to contribute to economic growth, food security and job creation for refugees from Jordan and Syria. The goal is to increase productivity while using less water and less energy at the same time. The Netherlands adopts a value chain approach, focusing on all levels from seed to product to quality assurance to export marketing to ensure good working conditions. In addition, many projects in the water sector are funded, focusing on water conservation, wastewater management and healthy ecosystems.

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